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IPX-HMAC-SHA-1 IP-Core is the hashing function required for the content integrity check and content identification as specified in DCI document v1.2. It is designed for Xilinx and Altera devices. IPX-HMAC-SHA-1 is an implementation of the Key Hashed Message Authentication Code standard, which describes a mechanism for message authentication using cryptographic hash functions. It enables computation of the keyedhash message authentication code (HMAC) for audio and video assets. This HMAC module uses the SHA1 core in combination with a secret key and the text message provided by the user in order to generate a fixed length MAC value. The key advantages of the IPX-HMAC-SHA-1 IP-Core are its high throughput and low latency. Its interface can handle a frequency of at least 125 MHz, which is highly suitable for applications like Gigabit Ethernet.


High operating frequency supported Low footprint Compatible with Gigabit Ethernet data throughput


Ideal for Digital Cinema applications (DCI)


Slices: Approx 1000 RAMMs : No DSP : No Frequency: 125MHz (and 250 MHz for internal core) Throughput: 512/88*250MHz = 1.454 Gb/s Data: Split into groups of 128-bit

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