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The modular exponentiation accelerator IPX-RSA is an efficient arithmetic coprocessor for the RSA public-key cryptosystem. It performs the Ae mod M calculation and therefore offloads the most computer-intensive operation of RSA from the main processor. The RSA cryptosystem can be used for public key encryption, decryption and signature/authentication. It is currently the most deployed public key scheme and is used in well-known standards such as SSL/TLS secure internet access, IPSec Virtual Private Networks and S/MIME secure email. The key advantage of the IPX-RSA IP-Core is its low footprint, thanks to an efficient balance between logic fabric and embedded RAMs and Multipliers. Taking advantage of its high operating frequency, it is able of achieving a high throughput of modular exponentiations. As a result, this IP-Core provides a good compromise between processing time and resources compared to general purpose processors. Other features of the IPX-RSA core are self-support and ease of use. The IP-Core needs no interaction with the main processor during computation and requires no pre/post computation of the base and exponent (A and e). It is also accessed through a simple 32-bit processor bus.


Low footprint High throughput 2048-bit length inputs Short exponent lengths effi ciently supported No on-line pre/post computation

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