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CloudBurst Platform

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Built for Hybrid Environments

The majority of companies developing ICs have significant investments in computing capacity in the form of on-premises datacenters. For efficiency reasons, companies try to maximize the utilization rates of their compute servers, which typically means substantial wait times for many jobs. These companies would prefer to use the cloud in a hybrid fashion to augment their existing on-premises infrastructure, not replace it. They need a solution that complements their existing flows and methodologies, not one that requires them to create new ones. They need a solution that scales to almost any number of CPUs on-demand and goes idle when not in use.

It is to address hybrid-cloud environments that the Cadence® CloudBurst™ Platform has been developed. With the CloudBurst platform, servicing peak demand in the cloud is fast and easy. Using nothing more than a standard web browser, customers can connect to their own private and secure cloud environment, quickly upload design files, use the pre-installed design tools, launch and monitor jobs, analyze results, and download output. All of the necessary software that transfers data, provides security, and invokes the design tools is accessed through the CloudBurst platform with nothing installed on the customer s side. Initial provisioning is typically complete a few days after receipt of order, and after that, customers can scale up and scale down their design workloads with immediate effect - no delays, no obstacles.

Production Proven

Not only is the CloudBurst platform fast and easy, it s production proven as well. For example, the CloudBurst platform was used with Tempus™ Timing Signoff Solution s distributed static timing analysis (DSTA) capabiltiy to sign off a massive, 7nm networking chip. The design database of this chip was hundreds of gigabytes, which without the CloudBurst platform s express transfer technology would have made a hybrid cloud model impractical. Files were uploaded to the cloud environment in just a few hours. Then, by leveraging the massive compute scale of the cloud, thousands of virtual CPUs were brought to bear to process multiple timing analysis runs in parallel - delivering 10X the productivity versus performing STA on premises.

Built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, and available with a wide range of Cadence tools, the CloudBurst platform helps customers tackle their biggest design, verification, implementation, and signoff challenges!

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