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All Silicon IP


The customizable EXOSTIV IP core is a logic analyzer core that can be used to monitor the internal signals of an FPGA design without having to store the full trace data in the FPGA. The EXOSTIV IP core uses the FPGA transceivers as a high bandwidth channel to an external memory (in EXOSTIV Probe). The EXOSTIV IP core must always be used together with the EXOSTIV Probe and EXOSTIV Dashboard software.

The IP includes many advanced features for extending visibility on FPGA running at speed of operation- including data group definition and multiplexing, boolean trigger equations, data qualification (data filtering) and edge transition triggers. Because EXOSTIV IP core is synchronous to the design being monitored, all design clock constraints that are applied to your design are also applied to the components inside IP Core. EXOSTIV IP can be inserted at RTL level or automatically in the design netlist, thanks to the accompanying EXOSTIV Dashboard software.

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