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BlueLitE is Mindtree's Bluetooth low energy Semiconductor IP, which supports Bluetooth 5 specification. Mindtree has invested over 500 person-years in Bluetooth technology since the year 2000. We have implemented several Bluetooth specification and certified them (Bluetooth SIG - search for Mindtree). As an IP provider, Mindtree is one of the few companies that is committed to Bluetooth technology. Mindtree is the first company in the world to qualify for Bluetooth low energy 4.2 (D025119). We expect the first Bluetooth 5 IC based on our IP to be in production soon.

BlueLitE IP is proven in Silicon for all the modules―Link Layer, Digital PHY and Stack and Profile. We have licensed our IP to more than 10 customers across geographies which includes few of the top ten semiconductor companies in the world. BlueLitE customers, such as LAPIS Semiconductor has started mass production of Bluetooth low energy chipsets (ML7105 and ML7125). Cypress Semiconductor, another major Mindtree customer has also started mass production based on our 4.1 Bluetooth low energy Solution.

Block Diagram


  • 2 Mbps Bluetooth low energy 5 supports 2 Mbps GFSK modulation scheme. It enables significant improvement in system throughput compared to previous versions.
  • Advertising length extension Enables advertising data length up to 237 bytes; it opens up data channels for advertisement and also introduces the concept of periodic advertisement.
  • Long range feature Introduction of convolution encoding and spreading over 1 Mbps GFSK improves sensitivity significantly which in turn improves reception range and reduces transmit power.
  • Channel selection #2 Addresses the performance issue of current channel selection algorithm referred to as LE Channel selection #1

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