5 "Design Specification" Solutions

Arm Allinea Studio
High Performance Tools for Developing Arm Based HPC Solutions

Achitecture optimization of modular and distributed systems using standard interfaces
Interconnects Between Boards, Sub-Systems And Large Systems

Design Service-Video Analytics & Vision
Development and optimization services for state-of-the-art vision and video analytics algorithms. The company specializes in deep learning or CNN and has developed many vision algorithms for industries such as ADAS, Video Surveillance and Digital Signage.

IDesignSpec UVM Register Generator, IP-XACT Reader/Writer Solution
IDesignSpec™ is an award winning product that helps IP/SoC design architects & engineers to create simple yet powerful specification in MS Word, Excel, Libre Office or plain text.

Innovus Implementation System
The Cadence® Innovus™ Implementation System is optimized for industry-leading embedded processors, as well as for 16nm, 14nm, 10nm, and 7nm processes, helping you get an earlier design start with a faster ramp-up.


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