40 "Other" Solutions

Circuit Camouflage Technology
Inside Secure Circuit Camouflage Technology, also known as SecureMedia Library (SML), is an anti-reverse engineering and anti-cloning protection for integrated circuits that has both Commercial and Government Applications.

Code Protection: Instilling trust into your applications
Inside Secure s Code Protection technology provides powerful automated software protection tools applicable across Mobile, IoT, Desktop and Server platforms.

CryptoFirewall Cores
Providing superior security and tamper resistance, while being highly-cost effective. Our cores complement existing security implementations, and are ideal for preventing counterfeiting in a broad number of applications.

CryptoManager Security Engine
CryptoManager Security Engine is an in-device root-of-trust offered as an embedded hardware core, or as a software agent that can be implemented as a protected element in a trusted OS or directly in the high-level device OS for the secure provisioning of keys and features throughout the device lifecycle. This provides flexible implementation options and allows the CryptoManager Infrastructure to securely communicate with the device to provision keys and manage feature configurations in the supply chain and downstream ecosystems.

CryptoManager Security Platform
From chip management to device personalization to downstream feature provisioning, the CryptoManager security platform creates a trusted path from the SoC manufacturing supply chain to downstream service providers with a complete silicon-to-cloud security solution.

CryptoManager Trusted Services Security Solutions
The Rambus CryptoManager Trusted Services support a variety of root of trust configurations via a hardware core or secure software, providing a scalable and flexible security solution. Our solutions s...

DPA Countermeasures
Our Cryptography Research division discovered Simple Power Analysis (SPA) and Differential Power Analysis (DPA), and developed fundamental solutions and techniques for protecting devices against DPA and related side-channel attacks, along with supporting tools, programs, and services.

DPA Resistant Cores
The DPA Resistant Hardware Cores prevent against the leakage of secret cryptographic key material through attacks when integrated into an SoC. These superior performance cores are easy to integrate into SoCs and FPGAs, providing robust side-channel resistance across different security and performance levels.

DPA Resistant Software Library
DPA Resistant Software Libraries are a portfolio of unique products that provide performance optimized, quantifiable side-channel resistant security for embedded software systems with seamless integration across a wide range of applications. Our software libraries come in two main varieties, platform neutral C-code which is designed to run on any platform and optimized code for ARM Cortex platforms, providing a wide range of device design options.

DPA Workstation Analysis Platform
Designed for leading security chip vendors, product companies, testing labs, and government organizations, the DPA Workstation analysis platform is the world’s premier side-channel analysis plat...

Payments and Tokenization
As an industry leader in tokenization solutions for online, mobile, card and account-based transactions, the family of Rambus Payment solutions provides comprehensive solutions for banks, financial institutions and retailers alike.

Root-of-Trust Engine
Root-of-Trust Engine, formerly known as Vault-IP,is a Silicon IP developed to protect the SoC platform and its operation so it can securely boot SoCs and protect sensitive key material and assets.

Verimatrix ProtectMyApp Service
Simply upload your final, compiled app for protection and receive a secured version back - ready to publish to the app store of your choice.

Active Shield
Active shielding and detection against invasive attacks

Cyber Escort Unit
Hardware-enabled Cyber-security protection for embedded systems, computers and IoT devices

Digital Sensor
Universal fully-integrated fault attack sensor

Memory Ciphering
Memory protection against reverse engineering and tampering

A versatile nonvolatile memory macro available on foundry standard CMOS platform covering process node of 180nm to 28nm and beyond.

Physical Unclonable Function (PUF)
The Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) is a fully integrated analog IP generating a stable number from random local process variations.

Physically Unclonable Function
Tamperproof secret generation with high entropy and reliability

Scrambled Bus
Probing and tampering resilient interconnect

Secure Boot
Highly secured root of trust

Secure Clock
Side-channels and fault injection anti-synchronization tool

The aim of Securyzr is to address all the state-of-the-art threats with a single product. Condensing our advanced technologies, this multi-usage easy-to-integrate solution is the Future of Security.

Smart Monitor - AI for Cybersecurity
Embedded Cyber-security powered by AI

An embedded, true logic-based non-volatile memory solution with an extremely high endurance performance of 10K (PROGRAM) cycles.

IEEE 802.1ae (MACsec) Security Processor
Implementation of the new LAN security standard IEEE 802.1ae (MACsec) requires the NIST standard AES cipher in the GCM mode for encryption and message authentication, as well as header parsing and formatting operations on the transmitted and received packets.

IPsec Security Processor
Core implements the IPsec and SSL/TLS security standard at high data rates that require the cryptographic processing acceleration.

True Random and Pseudorandom Number Generator Core
The true random generator core implements true random number generation. The core passes the American NIST Special Publication 800-22 and Diehard Random Tests Suites. It is compliant with FIPS 140-2 Annex C.

Bloodhound Wi-Fi Packet Sniffer/Injector for Network Characterization, Surveillance, and Law Enforcement
A mobile Wi-Fi device driver for TI WiLink™ and select Qualcomm® chipsets that enables customers to create a solution stack for a truly portable, mobile wireless sniffer/injector.

Cronus is a SmartNIC PCIe card and is designed for network monitoring and security applications that require high throughput and low latency. It is a unique, hardware accelerated solution that combines network monitoring capability with Security Analytics Acceleration (SAA) and content processing.

Flexible Key Storage based on SRAM PUF (Physically Unclonable Functions)
This is a secure key management solution that dynamically reconstructs on-chip secret keys without ever storing those keys. This means that the keys are not present on the device when it is powered off, but generated only when needed on-the-fly using device-dependent Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs).

Fuzzy-ID - Device identification with silicon fingerprint
Tiny variations in a semiconductor manufacturing process make each transistor and each piece of silicon unique. These variations are random and uncontrollable making it impossible to construct an exac...

Geon Secure Execution Processor
Geon Secure Execution Processor delivers secure code execution by supporting two secure contexts. All code and data belonging to a secure context is cryptographically isolated in main memory, so even ...

Helios F1
Helios F1 is an FPGA-based Regular eXpression Processor (RXP), designed to be used as a CPU offload accelerator. The RXP runs on an Amazon FPGA Image (AFI) in an AWS EC2 F1 instance.

Helios RXPA
Helios RXPA is a silicon soft IP targeted for ARM® based System on Chip (SoC), smartNIC ASIC and solid state drive ASIC solutions. It is designed for high throughput low latency Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) applications that require hardware accelerated pattern matching and string matching.

Helios RXPF
Helios RXPF is a unique, fully scalable, hardware accelerated pattern matching solution for Security Analytics Acceleration (SAA) and content processing. The solution can be tuned for the desired combination of throughput, rule depth and complexity.

Hyperion is a PCIe Accelerator card and is designed for high throughput, low latency Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) applications that require Regular Expression (RegEx) pattern matching and string matching. It is a unique, hardware accelerated pattern matching solution for cyber Security Analytics Acceleration (SAA) and content processing.

Integrated security-processing unit building on SRAM PUF
This is an integrated security-processing unit that serves as a root of trust in applications for mobile and IOT such as payment, content provisioning, authentication and secure cloud access.

Secure Key Storage based on SRAM PUF (Physically Unclonable Functions)
This is a secure key management solution that dynamically reconstructs on-chip secret keys without ever storing those keys. This means that the keys are not present on the device when it is powered off, but generated only when needed on-the-fly using device-dependent Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs).


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