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Chips&Media s Computer Vision IP is Deep Learning based Object Detection with capability to process 4K resolution at 30 FPS input in real time. The key differentiating feature of c.WAVE100 Object Detection IP is fully hardwired and neural network dedicated architecture for significant reduction in memory accesses and memory bandwidth requirements. Moreover, c.WAVE100 provides high performance with low power consumption, as the IP is optimized to target computing intensive edge devices in automotive and surveillance applications.

Block Diagram


Application Specific Neural Network(s)
  • Pruning
    • More than half of all weights are zero coefficients
  • Quantization
    • 8-bit activation, 8-bit bias with dynamic fixed point per layer
    • Log-quantized weights
Network Dedicated Hardware IP(s)
  • 1,168 MACs in FLX (Full Layer Accelerators)
    • Optimized area
    • Multiply-less MAC operation, saving 30% logic gates (compared to typical MAC)
  • Zero-Skipping
    • Saves processing time and power consumption
    • Skips MAC operation @ IA = zero
    • Saves power @ W = zero
  • Fusing Layers
    • Reduces bandwidth and saves power consumption
    • Saves external memory bandwidth

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