6 "Automotive Platform" Solutions

6-Ch FPD-Link III FMC Daughter Card (TI DS90UB934)
Xylon s logiFMC-FPD3-934 6-Channel FPD-Link III expansion FMC board supports the FPD-Link III from Texas Instruments, which is one of the most popular automotive high-speed serial links for in-vehicle video, audio, and communication data streams transfers.

Electric Vehicle Virtual Prototyping
The Synopsys unified virtual prototyping solution for Electric Vehicle (EV) enables exploration of design options, evaluation of tradeoffs, development of embedded software and multiple layers of verification before any hardware is built.

Embedded Analytics for Automotive
Our embedded analytics technology provides a powerful platform for developers who need to ensure the security and functional safety of their products - particularly in the automotive industry.

Ethernet models in Aerospace and Automotive
Connect embedded systems using a network or assemble vehicle or spacecraft network. Includes build-your-own and standard protocols

Software platform for developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
AADAS is one of the fastest growing fields in automotive electronics and it’s driving an increased demand for performance and safety. That’s why semiconductor manufacturers are building ne...

MotionWise - The safety mastermind for automated driving and beyond
MotionWise is a series-proven safety software platform for automated driving. It acts as the safety mastermind for automated driving within a vehicle architecture, handling the high complexity of such...


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