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11 "Interface for Automotive" Solutions

Adaptive Body-Bias IP for Automotive applications
All-in-one IP including body-bias voltage generator, low power sensors and adaptive control loop

10G PHY for PCIe 3.0 in TSMC (16nm) for Automotive

The multi-lane DesignWare Multi-Protocol 10G PHY IP is part of Synopsys' high-performance multi-rate transceiver portfolio, meeting the growing needs for low-power consumption and low latency i...

Automotive-grade controllers for PCIe 2.0/1.0 supporting Endpoint, Root Complex, Switch Port, and Dual Mode applications

The complete silicon-proven DesignWare® IP solution, consisting of configurable digital controllers, PHYs, IP Prototyping Kits and verification IP, is designed to meet all required features of ...

Automotive-grade MIPI CSI-2 host/device controllers for high-speed serial interface between image processor and camera sensors

DesignWare® MIPI® IP solutions enable the interface between system-on-chips (SoCs), application processors, baseband processors and peripheral devices. Synopsys' broad portfolio of MIPI...

Controllers for CCIX 25G supporting Endpoint, Root Complex, Switch Port, and Dual Mode applications targeting automotive

Synopsys' complete DesignWare CCIX IP solution consisting of controller, PHY and verification IP, delivers data transfer rates up to 25Gbps and supports cache coherency for high-performance clo...

DDR and LPDDR 4/3/2 controllers for low power and high Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) targeting automotive

DesignWare® DDR Memory Interface IP is a family of complete system-level IP solutions for system-on-chips (SoCs) requiring an interface to one or more of the broad range of high-performance DDR...

DesignWare LPDDR4 multiPHY for GF22FDX Targeting Automotive

The DesignWare LPDDR4 multiPHY is Synopsys second generation physical (PHY) layer IP interface solution for ASICs, ASSPs, system-on-chips (SoCs) and system-in-package applications requiring high-...

DesignWare LPDDR5/4/4X Controller IP for Automotive
DesignWare® LPDDR5/4/4X Controller is a next generation controller optimized for power, latency, bandwidth, and area, supporting JEDEC standard LPDDR5, LPDDR4, and LPDDR4X SDRAMs.

LPDDR4 multiPHY V2 in TSMC (16nm) for Automotive

LPDDR4 multiPHY: Compatible with JEDEC standard LPDDR4 SDRAMs up to 4,267 Mbps - Maximum data rate is process technology dependent - Compatible with JEDEC standard DDR4 SDRAMs up to 3,200 Mbps - Co...

MIPI D-PHY in TSMC for Automotive (28nm, 16nm)

The demand for advanced multimedia features is pushing device manufacturers to integrate more advanced peripherals such as multi-megapixel cameras and larger screens. Integrating these capabilities...

LPDDR4 Memory Model Verification IP for Automotive
This Cadence® Memory Model Verification IP (VIP) supports the JEDEC® Low Power Memory Device, LPDDR4 standard.


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