3 "Analog Mixed Signal->General Purpose PLL" SoCs

Auto Grade Wide Range Integer PLL - GF 22FDX
Analog Bits' Wide Range PLL addresses a large portfolio of applications, ranging from simple clock de-skew and non-integer clock multiplication to programmable clock synthesis for multi-clock gene...

MMWave 80GHz PLL with VCO frequency range 19.00-20.25 GHz
MMWave 80GHz Analog FracN PLL with VCO frequency range 19.00-20.25 GHz, Including Integrated PFD, CP, LPF, VCO

200 MHz - 800 Mhz Phase Locked Loop IP Block
The PLL200MT800M is a ultra-low power phase locked loop (PLL) intellectual property (IP) block. It features a very small area footprint, with exceptional jitter performance in its power/area class,...


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