5 "Analog Mixed Signal->Voltage Reference" SoCs

600mV Sub-BG Voltage Reference
600mV Sub-BG Voltage reference, Vdd=1V, Idd=80uA

Voltage Reference, 1.2V
Tunable Voltage Reference, 1.2V

Bandgap Voltage Reference 0.8V in GF 22FDX
This IPBGRGF22 is a bandgap voltage reference generator in GlobalFoundries 22nm FDX process. It operates with a wide input voltage range of 1V to 1.8V (vdd_bat) and the output voltage is fixed at 0.8V...

Body Bias Generator in GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22FDX
The IPBBGPGF22 is a very low power consumption switched-capacitor programmable voltage generator in GlobalFoundries’ 22FDX process. The voltage generator is best fit for body biasing. Only one cl...

Voltage and Current References in GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22FDX
This IP is a silicon-proven analog reference generator including a bandgap (BGR) and PTAT reference voltages, PTAT, constant, and CTAT current sources, and an Analog Test Bus in GlobalFoundries 22nm F...


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