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48 "IoT Design Platform" Solutions

Arm Artisan IoT POP IP
Arm IoT POP IP helps accelerate the implementation of IoT SoCs by offering physical IP as well as reference designs and know-how to develop a design that has optimal performance with minimum area.

CEVA Bluebud - DSP-enabled Bluetooth Audio IP Platform for TWS Earbuds and Wearables
Bluebud™ is a unique self-contained, feature-rich IP platform to streamline the development of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds and other advanced wireless audio devices including headsets, speakers, smartwatches and smart glasses.

CEVA SenslinQ - Hardware and software platform for contextually aware IoT devices
SenslinQ is a unique hardware and software platform for linking various sensor processing elements and present them to the Host processor OS or user application.

CEVA-Dragonfly NB2 Full eNB-IoT IP solution
CEVA has designed a complete eNB-IoT IP solution that can serve a wide range of applications. The CEVA-Dragonfly NB2 pre-integrates together a CEVA-X1 processor, an optimized RF Transceiver, baseband, and a protocol stack to offer a complete Release 14 Cat-NB2 modem IP solution that reduces time-to-market and lowers entry barriers

CoreLink CMN-600 Coherent Mesh Network for IoT
This is a scalable, high performance interconnect that has been optimized and validated with the latest Arm v8-A processors.

CoreLink S I E - 200
CoreLink SIE-200 provides IP blocks built on top of the AMBA 5 AHB5 interface that extends TrustZone security to the system. The interconnect and TrustZone controllers provide a hardware-enforced isolation between secure and non-secure applications.

i.MX6 based IoT Gateway Reference Board
IOT gateway reference solution enables companies to seamlessly connect industrial infrastructure devices and secure data flow between devices and the cloud. With i.mx6 processor, it offers comprehensive security features include cryptographic accelerators, high-assurance boot and tamper protection. It is equipped with standard communication and wirelesss interfaces like WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee (optional)

i.MX6 based Tablet design
The i.MX6 MPB (Multi-Purpose Board) Reference Design comprises hardware and software components that provide an Customizable Cost Effective integrated platform for building Tablet, Set-top box, IOT gateway, Auto infotainment etc.

Pelion IoT platform
A Transformative Device-to-Data Platform for Connected IoT that Empowers an Intelligent Enterprise
The Pelion IoT Platform is a flexible, secure, and efficient foundation spanning connectivity, ...

Power controller - MAESTRO
MAESTRO is a unique Power Controller RTL IP that features breakthrough capabilities compared to traditional HW or SW PMU design methodologies. It combines the configurability of a software PMU togethe...

Sensor fusion solutions for augmented and virtual reality, robotics, motion controllers, and IoT
Hillcrest's advanced sensor fusion technology transforms human and machine movement into high quality, application-ready information that enables developers and manufacturers to create everyday products that work with precision.

SmartEdge Platform delivers complete integration into one chip of all the key functions required for edge computing

Verisilicon IoT Platform
IoT forms a vast network of devices that sense, communicate or interact with each other. These connected devices are found in various end markets like industrial, consumer, automotive and home.

IoT Edge SoC Platform
An edge device in the IoT context is a secure, remotely manageable asset connected to the cloud

IoT Gateway SoC Platform
IoT Gateway is a critical component in an IoT system and it connects multiple and in many cases, heterogeneous edge devices to the cloud. Among its primary functions are, edge device connectivity, protocol translation, data filtering & analysis, security, device management etc.

BLE 5.0, BT Dual Mode, WiFi, ZigBee, NFC, GSM, LTE, RISC CPU for IoT applications
Silicon Proven | High Volume Production SoC Proven | SoC Design Data Base | System on Chip (RF+Analog+Digital+SW) | All Wireless connectivity standards supported

Capless 150mA Power Quencher LDO voltage regulator with ultra low quiescent current (<1uA) for IoT
150mA linear voltage regulator | Operation with and without an external capacitor | 1.6V to 5.5V input power supply | Output voltage ranging from 0.5V to 5.0V

Capless 250mA Power Quencher LDO voltage regulator with ultra low quiescent current (<15uA) for IoT
250mA linear voltage regulator | Operation with and without an external capacitor | 1.6V to 5.5V input power supply | Output voltage ranging from 0.5V to 5.0V

FLEXSUPPLY : Switched Capacitor Regulated Voltage Doubler IP
With their low power consumption and integrated, modular design, our family of buck/boost switched capacitor regulated voltage doubler IP cores support a broad range of industry applications with improved efficiency and flexibility.

Gladius Connected Buildings, goes beyond automation of air-conditioning and lighting systems in isolation
Gladius Connected Buildings, goes beyond automation of air-conditioning and lighting systems in isolation. Capable of connecting geographically dispersed buildings, it works on multiple aspects includ...

L&T IoT Platform
L&T Technology Services collaborates with both hardware as well as software IoT platform vendors. Being platform agnostic allows L&T Technology Services to recommend the right platform to customers and also enable IoT platform providers to rapidly adapt to the industry s needs.

NB-IoT Protocol stack and layer
Hand-code in C for lowest footprint and latency | AS and L1-control as required | golden result test data for acceptance and regression-test | Proven ability for system-wide defect-analysis and fast, reliable fixes | able to rapidly supply fixes to complex systems that avoid secondary problems and degradation of system integrity

Power Quencher Capless LDO (Silicon-proven 130 nm, 300 mA, excellent quiescent current and load transient regulation)
The Power Quencher® series of fully-integrated low dropout (LDO) voltage regulators operates with ultra-low levels of power consumption without sacrificing other areas of performance.

Uranus Platform-FIE3255 : 55ULP Ultra-Low Power SoC Development Platform for IoT
Uranus platform is an ultra-low power SoC platform implemented by UMC 55nm ultra-low-power process (55ULP) technology.

IoT Platform
Intelligent Sensor and Power Management Platform of ASIC IP for Sensor, Power, and IoT Applications

As falling silicon technology node-size continues to reduce the power consumption and physical sp...

Low Power IoT Platform for SoC
The Cortus IoT Platform is a solution for creating a single chip DASH 7 SoC, requiring minimal external components.

LTE NB-IOT (NB1) power optimized transceiver for cellular IoT
Palma Ceia SemiDesign offers a low power, 3GPP Release 14 NB-IOT (LTE Cat NB1) transceiver.

SHS is an automated hierarchical test solution for efficiently testing system-on-chips (SoCs) or designs using multiple IP/cores

The DesignWare® STAR Hierarchical System is an automated hierarchical test solution for efficiently testing system-on-chips (SoCs) or designs using multiple IP/cores, including analog/ mixed-si...

Smart Lighting Solution

MosChip's Smart Lighting Solution is ready to deploy a solution which enables you to control indoor & outdoor lighting system from a single dashboard. Our smart lighting solution can be used as...

SMS is a comprehensive, integrated test, repair and diagnostics solution

The DesignWare® Self-Test and Repair (STAR) Memory System™ is a comprehensive, integrated test, repair and diagnostics solution that supports repairable or nonrepairable embedded memories...

eSi-MediSense - Wireless Medical Sensor - Customisable ASIC Platform
The eSi-MediSense is a customizable ASIC platform for ultra-low-power wireless vital signs and medical monitoring products.

Internet of Things (IoT) Xcelerator
A unique framework that combines software for multi-protocol gateways, data analysis platforms, hardware for gateways and edge computing, and the entire IoT Server framework along with the business application solutions.

IoT Analog Platform
IoT Analog Platform engineered for very low-power applications, optimized to serve Internet of Things (IoT) applications that require low cost and extended battery life.

IoT Low Power Tool: ProAct
ProAct is a low power tool that runs on a synthesized netlist of a ASIC block to reduce power. It is a seamless way to reduce power in any ASIC block. It does not require any modification to existing design flow.

IoT/AIoT/NB-IoT Ultra-low Power Analog IP Platform
Breakthrough innovation for NB-IoT PSM state design

Power Consumption Low to 350nA

To guarantee 10 years working life, 99% of the time, NB-IoT terminal is in the Power saving mod...

Near-threshold voltage and ultra-wide dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (UW-DVFS)
Minima Processor s ultra-low power technology deploys patented Minima Dynamic Margining to minimize energy consumption of any digital logic.

System-Level Power Estimation and Exploration
Dynamic-State Power Measurement, Analysis And Management For Systems, Software And Semiconductors

USB 2.0 Human Interface Devices Design Platform
The USB 2.0 HID Design Platform is a complete, integrated solution dedicated to wide range of USB based Human Interface Devices like mouse, keyboard or pen tablet.

AGICIP IoTM - IoT Memory
IoT memory is for real-time analytics, machine learning, commodity sensors, and embedded systems. Traditional fields of embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, control systems, automation (including home and building automation), and others all contribute to enabling the Internet of things.

Arastu IoT Design Services
Our expert team provides IOT Services through Consulting, Integration and Competency Services. Our experience on IOT Device Management, IOT Data Management, IOT Platform Development help you to build industry strength solution.

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