Where: Hilton Santa Clara, 4949 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054
When: Thursday, January 26, 2017, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Now entering our 20th year!

D&R would like to invite IP providers and consumers to D&R’s IP/SoC Silicon Valley User Community Meeting next month to have an informal lunch discussion on the following topic:

What: Services and products you would like to see D&R offer to the IP SoC community

Where: Hilton Santa Clara, 4949 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054

When: Thursday, January 26, 2017, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm


For the past 20 years, the mission of D&R has been to be the catalyst for the growth of the IP SoC industry worldwide. Today, it boasts a well-known web portal where each month, 75,000 unique visitors go to search for IP, and a community of 170 IP providers who partner with D&R to publish the latest news about their products and services.

During this upcoming User Community Meeting in Silicon Valley, D&R will be providing an update about its latest service and technology offerings. We are also inviting attendees to participate in a brainstorming session to help us as we work to define the needs of the IP/SoC community for the coming year, the next five years, as well as for the next decade.

Our goal is to make this brainstorming session as productive as possible. In that spirit, we are hoping to have a group of IP consumers and IP providers among us who will come prepared to freely and openly share their thoughts, needs and feedback with everyone.

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10:00 am: IP business and IP web portals

  • IP Business status
  • D&R's Web-sites' status and services: lead service, marketing programs, publishing engine and Private Entry Room.

10:30 am: Discussion:

  • Are IP consumers satisfied by the search capabilities on the web portal? What can be improved? Wanted IP and SoC forum?
  • Do IP providers get accurate publishing of their information and efficient marketing from D&R?
  • Are News Alerts too prolific / too frequent?

11:00 am: Update on IPMS™ for IP Providers

  • A new standard as a next generation station for IP providers for:
    • Tracing their IP "shelf delivery"
    • Delivering IP online
    • Tracking usage, supporting customers, and managing finances, all in one platform

11:40 am: Discussion:

  • Triggering business opportunities for IP Providers using IPMS in their intranet: How to direct a lead in a seamless manner from the D&R public web site to the provider’s website, then under NDA to IPMS, using IPMS as an online IP shop.
  • How to control IP usage and get a report from IP licensees?

12:00 pm: Lunch

01:00 pm: IP Licensees: Update on IPMS features for IP Licensees

  • How Global Corporate integrated management for 3PIP can help companies licensing IP from many different sources for their product.
  • How you can monitor and control your 3PIP Usage and report this to your licensors.

01:40 pm: Discussion:

  • Is it worthwhile to have your own internal IT team produce and maintain your 3PIP intranet management portal to store, deliver, and trace 3PIP in your products, and follow up with cost report to Licensors, or should you outsource these functions?

02:00 pm: Learn more about D&R's special Royalty and Fee auditing infrastructure offering

    A way to enable secure sharing of IP usage data between IP licensors and IP licensees is by sharing or synchronizing a set of standard advanced platform features

    These features would enable IP licensors to:

    • Report on IP delivery to IP licensees
    • Report on the royalty template (functions) to be used following the contract terms with the licensee
    • Automated Request to Licensees of usage reports in shipped product containing that IP
    • Possibly collect IP usage data confirmation from foundries
    • Share Payment Due data (amounts and payable dates)

    In which IP Licensees can :

    • Get an easy way to report about the embedding of the IP in their product including all parameters value required for royalty calculation
    • Get an easy way to report shipments on a quarterly basis
    • Deliver royalty parameters data required to calculate the Royalty function
    • Share payment Due data (amount and calendar)

02:40 pm: Discussion:

  • How to synchronize the licensor and the licensee views?
  • Should D&R offer an extension to an IP Provider station in terms of an audit module or offer hosted service for licensors who need a quick solution, and cannot invest time, resources and effort?
    Should the Royalty library of D&R be shared with the IP community?
  • Synchronization or sharing: Overall, the only way to avoid painful, expensive audits!

03:00 pm: Next Generation Corporate Software license global management

  • Learn more about the Corporate software license management platform from D&R based on the same IPMS technology:
    • Store the current software license status and proceed to remix/renew online
    • Get an instant view of license usage, get alerts, and take action to decrease congestion.
    • Detect unused licenses: get alerts and take action.
    • Profile your users’ behaviors and remix in real time user groups and reserved seats.
    • Extend to shared EDA and finance management.

04:00 pm to 06:00 pm: Video session for D&R partners

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