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STMicroelectronics and GlobalFoundries agreed to build a steel factory in France for production of chips on 300-mm FDSOI substrates

game-news24.com, Jul. 23, 2022 – 

STMicroelectronics announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of a new jointly operated enterprise in the form of FD-SOI, a microprocessor that uses 450 m2 per square meter, a joint operation of a fabricated semiconductor. The plants will be built from the existing MC factory in Croll, France. It is noteworthy that FD-SOI technology was born in Kroll, and will now be strengthened in the research center where it originated.

The decision to build a plant focusing on processing FD-SOI wafers on a fully depleted layer insulator was dictated at the very best by strong necessity and good future prospects. Both companies stopped acquiring nanometers. GlobalFoundries did not take part in the development of technical processes below 12 nm; STMicroelectronics completely stopped at the 22-nm process technology.

For the first time, with FD-SOI, GlobalFoundries have failed to produce chips as far as 22 nm. It might be great to see that new joint-station of the companies is going to start production with 22-nm process standards. In the future the partners will look for an 18-nm process engineering application.

When an externally depleted insulator is produced, such as low leakage rates, thus achieving impressive performance increase and a noticeable reduction in power consumption. This means that a lot of chips based on 22nm FD-SOI wafers and even those with planar transistors will not be much worse than 14nm or even 12nm chips used in the FTAT. And the 18nm chips on FD-SOI wafers able to compete by 10nm (and thinner) solutions. As for their price, they will be cheaper and easier, which means the cost of marriage will be less.

In a press release, the partners promise to make decades of the in-demand products without reducing the technological norms of production. What seems annoying is the industry's shiver about the likelihood of death of Moores and the consequences.

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