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Faraday Unveiled FPGA-Go-ASIC Prototyping Platform to Accelerate FPGA-to-ASIC Conversion

www.faraday-tech.com, Jul. 28, 2022 – 

Faraday Technology Corporation (TWSE: 3035), a leading ASIC design service and IP provider, today unveiled its FPGA-Go-ASIC™ prototyping platform solution. This solution consists of Faraday's SoCreative!™ SoC platforms and optional FPGA prototyping platforms, providing customers a quick entry into the circuit development and system verification. Combined with its comprehensive FPGA-Go-ASIC service, Faraday is able to help customers enhance chip performance and also develop products more rapidly and cost-effectively.

By leveraging its IP expertise and its in-house IP variety, Faraday pre-integrated and verified the essential IPs required for most SoCs into this prototyping platform, enabling customers to shorten the hardware verification/debugging and software development time. This platform features Arm Cortex-A/M CPU, PCIe, LVDS, DDR, various silicon-proven high speed interface IPs, system peripheral IPs, and software solutions including OS and drivers; customer can easily integrate their own circuit designs into the FPGA prototyping platform and connect the SoC prototyping platform via the PCIe interface for whole system verification.

"Faraday's FPGA-Go-ASIC prototyping platform allows customers to reduce the barriers to FPGA conversions," said Flash Lin, chief operating officer of Faraday. "Faraday's FPGA-Go-ASIC service has successfully been used on several projects. With the deployment of this platform, we provide additional value to FPGA-to-ASIC customers to accelerate the FPGA-to-ASIC conversion process seamlessly across various applications."

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