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Energy Autonomy Enables More Sustainable IoT Infrastructure

Why deploying a large-scale IoT network takes longer than many would have hoped?

www.eetimes.eu, Sept. 14, 2022 – 

There has been no shortage of spokespeople evangelizing about the internet of things in recent years. They have talked about the huge potential of this technology and the multitude of benefits it can offer to our society – more efficient industrial processes, addressing traffic congestion, boosting crop yields through smart agriculture, improving patients' quality of life via digital health, etc. Though all this sounds positive, it cannot be denied that large-scale IoT network rollout is taking longer than many would have hoped.

There are still several obstacles present here, some relating to the technologies employed and others that are more logistically based. Consequently, the implementations predominantly witnessed so far have been on a relatively small scale. The following article looks at what can be done to overcome these obstacles so that IoT infrastructure, which is streamlined, cost-effective, and sustainable, can be created.

What is currently holding back IoT adoption?

There is a number of reasons for the slower-than-expected progression of IoT implementation. Among the most prominent of these are the following:

Before embarking on IoT network implementations, it is important that organizations understand the total cost of ownership that a network will represent. The first and third points listed above should be combined to give an accurate estimate of what the overall costs will be over the network's projected lifespan. Only then can it be assessed whether the investment will be justified.

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