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Ultra-low power 5G Sub-6GHz RF Transceiver IP Cores at 22nm, available for immediate licensing for Cellular and Industrial IoT applications

Sept. 19, 2022 – 

September 19, 2022 - T2MIP, the global independent semiconductor IP Cores provider & Technology experts, is pleased to announce the availability of a 5G Sub 6GHz RF Transceiver IP cores in 22nm LP RF CMOS process for integration to your SoC targeted for low power Cellular and Industrial IoT applications and fixed wireless access.

Fully compliant to 3GPP standards the 5G Sub 6GHz RF Transceiver IP cores is a 2x2 configuration with integrated frequency synthesizer and Analog-Mixed signal functions, suitable for low-cost low-power IoT applications. The RF IP cores supports Cellular 3GPP 5G/4G/3G applications and is also ideal for Fixed Wireless Access with a high level of programmability. Supporting both FDD and TDD mode. The RF Transceiver IP cores come integrated with the GPS receiver and frequency synthesizer with a small die-size area. The RF IP cores support up to 200MHz RF channel Bandwidth with ultra-low power consumption which is ideal for IoT applications.

The initial deployments of 5G are focused on the FR1 band (7.125GHz band) as compared to the mm-Wave FR2, frequency bands above 24 GHz. MIMO further enhances the throughput performance for users. MIMO is deployed throughout the legacy of 4G / LTE networks and is used as a 2x2 and 4x4 configuration. Massive MIMO (mMIMO) is an extension of MIMO, increasing the number of antennas to a 64-transmit/64-receive (64T64R MIMO) configuration. Furthermore, Beamforming comes into play which is a signal processing technique to create a focussed signal between the antenna and specific UE.


The 5G sub 6GHz RF Transceiver IP cores are available for immediate licensing. For further information on licensing options and pricing please drop a request at contact.

T2M’s broad Wireless and Cellular IP cores also include matching Digital and SW IPs for these RF Transceiver IP cores including, 5G UE and g-node B L1-L2-L3 Stack IPs, NB-IoT Protocol Stack SW + Digital, NB-IoT ultra-low power RF Transceiver IP core, GNSS multi-constellation RF Receiver IP cores, GNSS Multi-constellation Digital IP with ultra-low power and high performance. The wide portfolio also includes Interface and high-speed Analog data converters. These IPs are available for immediate licensing

About T2M:

T2M-IP is the global independent semiconductor technology expert, supplying complex semiconductor IP Cores, Software, KGD, and disruptive technologies enabling accelerated development of your Wearables, IOT, Communications, Storage, Servers, Networking, TV, STB and Satellite SoCs. For more information, please visit: www.t-2-m.com


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