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Andes Unveils Details of its Entry Level D23 RISC-V Processor Core

With the new processor, the company hopes to bring a feature-rich set of functions to the RISC-V community.

www.allaboutcircuits.com, Jan. 12, 2023 – 

At the RISC-V Summit last month, Andes Technology announced its new D23 entry-level RISC-V processor core to the industry. At the time, there was not much truly known about the product, but recently the company followed through with the posting of specifications and technical details of the D23.

Now, with more information made public, we can take a deeper look at the technology and find out more about Andes' offering. In this article, we'll take a look at the new processor from Andes to understand what they are contributing to the industry.

AndesCore D23

According to the newly released information, the AndesCore D23 processor is a 32-bit design based around Andes' AndeStar V5/V5e architecture. True to the idea of an entry-level processor, the D23 consists of a simple 3-stage pipeline, configurable cache from 1 KB up to 32 KB, and only 16 to 32 general-purpose registers available.

Despite being an entry-level RISC-V option, the D23 does come with a variety of features and capabilities, including support for the RISC-V RV32GC extension as well as support for recently ratified extensions such as bit manipulation, scalar cryptography, cache management operation, and code size reduction.

In addition, the D23 supports the packed SIMD/DSP extension, which can be paired with the Andes NN SDK, which includes TensorFlow Lite and the Andes AI optimizer. Together, these features hope to provide the D23 with AI acceleration in a small package.

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