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Silvaco Announces Initiatives to Enhance Workforce Development in Semiconductor Industry

Silvaco Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: SVCO, "Silvaco"), a provider of TCAD, EDA software, and SIP solutions that enable semiconductor design and digital twin modeling through AI software and innovation, today announced multiple initiatives to address the industry's talent shortage and foster development of skills to enable students to pursue careers in the semiconductor field.

silvaco.com/, Jun. 12, 2024 – 

Silvaco is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Purdue University, Stanford University, and Arizona State University to help overcome the talent shortage that has been a persistent challenge for the semiconductor industry. These collaborations with recognized universities in the field are focused on enhancing educational programs and initiatives related to semiconductor technology, ensuring a steady influx of skilled individuals into the industry.

"With the Silvaco partnership, we are lowering the barriers for students to enter into the field of TCAD and enabling them to explore the forefront of design technology," said Gerhard Klimeck, Elmore Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Deputy CIO at Purdue University. "By enabling broad, simple, and equitable access to advanced TCAD solutions from Silvaco, we're helping prepare the next generation of engineers and scientists to advance the state-of-the-art in semiconductor design."

In a move towards democratizing access to cutting-edge TCAD tools, Silvaco is providing access to its latest generation TCAD software through Chipshub.org on the nanoHUB cloud. nanoHUB is a web-based platform that provides online simulation tools, resources, and collaborative environments for researchers, educators, and students in the field of nanotechnology.

nanoHUB hosts over 800 simulation tools and apps and over 170 complete courses, largely focused on semiconductors and materials. Over 250,000 nanoHUB users have run simulations, and over 1.6 million individuals visit nanoHUB annually for courses and lectures. Forty-three percent of the technical U.S. Universities and 56% of the technical Minority Service Institutions (MSIs) have utilized nanoHUB. Silvaco is the first commercial TCAD company to host its premier products on nanoHUB.

"We are extremely appreciative of Silvaco's collaborative efforts to help ensure that our students have access to the necessary tools and resources needed for life beyond the classroom," said Jim Plummer, John M. Fluke Professor of Electrical Engineering and Former Dean of the Engineering School, Stanford University. "Given the constant evolution in technology, specifically within the semiconductor process space, it is crucial that students stay up to date on the latest TCAD advancements. Our longstanding partnership with Silvaco and Purdue is crucial to the success of our engineering program and ensures that we adequately prepare tomorrow's leaders."

In addition to these efforts, Silvaco has collaborated with Stanford University to publish a comprehensive book on chip fabrication that includes extensive TCAD examples, "Integrated Circuit Fabrication: Science and Technology." This joint endeavor aims to create a valuable resource that bridges the gap between academia and industry, offering insights and knowledge on the latest advancements in TCAD technology.

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