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Aurora VLSI, Inc. was founded in 1998 to develop and market consumer networking processors, processor cores, peripherals cores, and SOC subsystems and platforms. Aurora VLSI also provides services to customize, integrate, and assist customers in any other way in their ASIC/SOC development.

One of Aurora VLSI s specialties is its AMBA bus product line. This includes customer specific AMBA bus subsystems and platforms with several AMBA peripherals, individual periperherals with AMBA AHB interfaces, and AMBA AHB and APB bus components. Aurora VLSI is a member of the ARM Connected Community.

In 2002, Aurora VLSI added common SOC functions to its IP core product line, including SDRAM controllers, SRAM controllers, flash controllers, DMA engines, AMBA bus components, and RAM arbiters. Various cores are combined to form the more highly integrated SOC subsystem and platform products from Aurora VLSI. AMBA peripheral subsystems that inlude DMA, and SOC memory controller subsystems are available. Configurable AMBA SOC platforms and processor based platforms are also available as baseline SOCs to which the customer adds proprietary functions. Custom subsystems can be built as a design service.

Aurora VLSI s flagship product line is based on a bilingual Java processor core that executes both Java bytecode and a legacy processor instruction set. This provides a high performance Java solution while leveraging the large existing body of legacy code applications, operating system software, software tools, development environments, etc. Uncompromised performance is achieved with Aurora VLSI s proprietary architecture when executing both Java and legacy code. This is accomplished while still maintaining low chip costs and low chip power consumption.

The Aurora VLSI Java bilingual processor cores that run both Java and legacy code, are available in both single scalar and 2-way super scalar versions depending on the desired price/performance point.

Additionally, for low power and embedded applications that want to move up to a 32 bit processor core, a tiny, low power processor cores that run popular, industry standard legacy code based on the RISC instruction set that originated at Stanford and SPARC code, are available. Design services to assist in customer integration can be provided.

Quickly get to market by combining Aurora VLSI s Java Accelerator core, legacy core, peripheral cores, and SOC susbsystem cores into SoC products for powering consumer networked devices such as set top boxes, DTVs, personal TVs, digital cameras, game stations, PDAs, Web phones, home servers and gateways.

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