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Dolphin Technology provides SoC designers with a broad array of silicon-proven IP for Memory, I/O, Standard Cells, DDR PHY, Memory Controllers, PLL/DLL and Memory Test and Repair (BIST).
Dolphin offers both standard and custom solutions that are optimized for low power, high performance and high density across a broad range of process technologies. These solutions include: - Memory Compilers (Single & Dual Port SRAM, 1 & 2 Port RF, ROM) - Specialty Memory (ROM, BCAM, TCAM, CAM) - I/O (General purpose, bus-specific, DDR, Flash) - Standard Cell libraries (7-track, 10-track, 12-track, 14-track) - DDR PHY (hardened DDRx & LPDDRx SDRAM PHY) - PLL/DLL (programmable PLL, fully digital DLL) - SERDES - Memory Controllers (DDRx & LPDDRx DRAM) - Memory BIST - And more...
Dolphin Technology has been enabling SoC design teams to enhance quality and reduce time to market since 1996.

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