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Innosilicon is a 14-year- old world class fabless IP/IC design company focusing on high performance PHYs and mixed signal IP. With multi-national world class design teams in China and North America, Innosilicon IP has helped many Tier-one companies to achieve rapid SoC success (billions of chips mass production enabled by Innosilicon IP) through our highly advanced products and services. Innosilicon’s main advantages are in providing: -low cost -high-performance -cross-foundry -fully customizable solutions combined with our award winning customer design support.
Our IP can be found in millions of High performance computing, AI cloud computing, Mobile, Multimedia devices such as tablets, cell phones, HD set-top boxes, TV, Camera, networking, computing ICs which have achieved leading market shares.
In recent years Innosilicon IP mainly focused on process under 28nm, but available in SMIC, TSMC, GF, Samsung, UMC and Fujitsu processes from 180nm, 130/110nm, 65/55nm, 40nm, 28/22nm, 16/12nm, 14/11nm, 10/8nm, to 7/5nm. Innosilicon IP can be found in a wide range of high volume products with a particularly strong presence in advanced FinFET nodes.
Traditionally buying an IP by no means guarantee SOC success since you are facing with huge amount work to work through the puzzle. With our IP certainty program, buying IP from Innosilicon is worry free. Customers are not just getting a database at your own risk, you are getting the entire system know-how support & review services before production to ensure nothing is at chances. Our system experience and know-how from combo IP to packaging to PCB SI has made our customer s IP integrate very safe yet highly feature rich.
Drop us a line. Discover just how simple your next product design cycle can be. With 100% production success, you can count on Innosilicon in providing best in class product and services. Let us be part of your success!

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