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As technology advances, more security demands are rising from the IoT, AI, fintech, autonomous-driving industries. Sole reliance on software-based security is simply not enough anymore. If you want to protect your assets with flexible and cost-effective hardware security IPs, let PUFsecurity help you find the best solutions. We can help improve your chances against a cyberattack in a world full of external threats. With our NeoPUF (physical unclonable function) technology from our parent company, eMemory, we have a series of security solutions that combine both digital and analog capabilities to solve your security concerns. PUFsecurity offers both basic and advanced solutions for hardware security.
  • Identity recognition (UID)
  • True random number generator (tRNG)
  • Key generation
  • Secure storage of sensitive information and keys
Solutions: PUFrt: hardware root of trust
  • Fast and lower-power tRNG
  • Reliable chip ID
  • Advanced OTP read/write protection
PUFiot: IoT security
  • PUFrt integrated
  • OSCCA compliance
  • KDF/KWP NIST compliance
  • BUS and DMA support
PUFse: Secure Element
  • PUFiot integrated
  • OTA support
  • Secure boot
  • Side-channel attack resistant
In addition to our expertise, we also have industrial advantages including over 43 process platform from eMemory’s foundry partners. Our brand spirit is forward-thinking. We are continuously innovating and improving our processes to stay ahead in this connected world. By choosing PUFsecurity, you are also choosing the best choice for embedded hardware security solutions.

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