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Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. acquired Novocell Semiconductor in 2013. Novocell Semiconductor specialized in developing and delivering the highest reliability OTP memory IP to the semiconductor industry As one of the earliest commercially available antifuse OTP technologies, Smartbit™ is embedded in a family of non-volatile memory IP which can be manufactured in a standard logic CMOS process without any additional mask or process steps. All Smartbit™ platform IP products have the ability to be programmed in the field at the package, circuit, or wafer level and the macros have been designed to meet the very highest reliability and environmental requirements.
Due to the Smartbit™ technology s unique design and programming methodology, high voltage is generated and confined only within the memory core and is applied only until the current signature of hard breakdown has been detected, guaranteeing 100% programmability up to the limits of the process, and the highest degree of data retention available. SST s SmartBit™ technology uses dynamic programming for each bit to ensure that it reaches a permanent state; this patented method is unique to SST in the NVM segment.
SST NVM IP is available at most major foundries from 350nm to advanced process nodes; Novobits provides an ideal solution for trimming and calibration up to 256 bits. It can also replace efuse/polyfuse. Novobits SPX in a special version of Novobits including a serial IO wrapper. NovoBytes is a ROM style array product specifically designed for configuration/feature enablement, security features, encryption keys, and device or part IDs in addition to trimming and calibration. SST s design team has extensive experience in memory IP development and is committed to first pass silicon success.
SST is a wholly owned subsidiary of Microchip Technology, Inc.

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