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D&R announces the opening of an IP Core Store to support Soft IP Cores sales to the Chinese market

D&R announces today the opening of an IP Core store to support Soft IP Sales validated on FPGA to the Chinese market within D&R Ecosystem

Grenoble, France, Dec. 03, 2019 – 


D&R mission, since its creation in 1997, is to be the Catalyst of IP business by favoring semiconductor IP (Intellectual Property) worldwide transfer.

Up to now D&R was mainly renowned for its IP Search/Find service for IP consumers as well as its marketing services for IP providers. With this new initiative D&R "upgrades" its role by becoming more involved in the actual IP sales process and definitively contribute to IP democratization.

The announced D&R IP Core Store intends to facilitate access for "small", but innovative, IP providers, who cannot afford expensive marketing and sales deployment to penetrate the worldwide IP Consumer market.

The targeted IP will be Soft IP, validated on FPGA as "proof of concept and innovation". A simple purchase process with a straightforward download of generic RTL code should lead to smooth transactions.

Chinese Market may be considered as one of the fastest growing Asic and IC market offering major opportunities for those IP providers. As an enabler, D&R Core Store provides an "easy-to-use" IP Purchase platform hosted in China.

The platform provides configurable features based on D&R native IPMS™ technology. To a simple basic flow, more options are provided such as on-line NDA signature giving access to Confidential documents, dialog start between vendors and customers, encryption support if required, payment information up to D&R-China invoicing service for customer willing to pay in RMB.

Security is "guaranteed" as sales transactions are operated within D&R Ecosystem grouping to day 42000 registered users. Active promotion will be made through weekly D&R News alert sent to 27000 subscribers thus providing marketing support for those companies.

"Innovation mainly comes from 'small' IP providers. D&R Role is to keep live and successful a network of independent players willing to sell their skill 'directly' to Asic designers with low overhead. We think that such an ecommerce platform, organized within a secure community, can favor more exchanges and ultimately trigger more innovation in the semiconductor world" commented Gabrièle Saucier, CEO of D&R

"We will certainly give a strong support to make easier the dialog between IP providers and Chinese IP consumers. We will do our best to provide efficiency, security and trust in such relations" said Mark Ma, General manager of D&R China

"We are delighted to collaborate with D&R in their new initiative with a view to broadening our worldwide customer base. Already leaders in the field when it comes to global IP marketing, their next step is to bring their knowledge and expertise to the area of online IP sales.

Their D&R ecosystem provides an excellent global platform for the easy access and distribution of our soft IP portfolio. We are excited to come on board and look forward to a new chapter in our business relationship" said Simon Doherty CEO of Zipcores

"Within such a platform we can benefit from all the features we need from eval to actual purchase. We are eager to explore business increase through such an initiative." added Serge Sciberras, CEO of Logic Design Solutions

IP Core Store will be open first for a beta provider in December 2019, and new partners will be included in 2020.

For more information contact IPCoreStore@design-reuse.com

About Design And Reuse

Founded in 97, D&R became the worldwide leader as a B2B portal in the IP/SoC field (www.design-reuse.com) around a community of 42000 registered users . This site triggers 75,000 Absolute Unique Visitors/Month and its News Alerts covering the IP Soc field are broadcatsed twice a week to 27,000 subscribers...

D&R extended its scope by a companion site, www.design-reuse-embedded.com, for connecting system designers with vendors of application specific SoC Solutions targeting hot areas such as Artificial Intelligence , Automotive , IoT , Security etc.. .. For 5 years a new connected site, www.design-reuse-china.com hosted in China has been added to facilitate the access of Chinese IP SoC community.

D&R continues to maintain its focus on streamlining IP-based design with its Enterprise IP Management System (IPMS™), a next generation configurable Enterprise Java based platform offering the most innovative solution for internal and external IP management from design to reuse, to IP tracing in delivery and products etc... It includes unique powerful procurement features for external IPs (Finance reporting, Fee and royalty calculation).

About Zipcores

We are a small team of experienced Engineers with a broad knowledge of digital hardware design spanning many different fields. Our primary business is the sale of Intellectual Property (IP Cores) for implementation on FPGA, ASIC and SoC devices. In addition, we also provide a fully custom design service for FPGA, ASIC and SoC as well as schematic capture, PCB layout and general purpose digital circuit design. (www.zipcores.com/)

About Logic Design Solutions

Logic Design Solutions provides FPGA Design Services, SATA IP, RECORDER IP, ARINC 429 IP, and DO254 methodology to FPGA customers. We engage our self to be your high standard quality solutions provider for FPGA IP and Design Services. (www.logic-design-solutions.com)


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