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The Cadence® Tensilica® Fusion DSPs are ideal for multiple embedded application areas that are space- and energy-constrained, deploying one or more small, low-energy processors that can perform all of the programmable functions. It combines an enhanced 32-bit Xtensa® control processor with market-leading DSP features and flexible algorithm-specific acceleration for a fully programmable approach, supporting multiple existing and developing standards as well as customer algorithms. The highly configurable architecture of Fusion F1 DSP is specifically designed to excel at always-on processing – including wake-on-voice and sensor fusion applications – that require a merged controller plus DSP, ultra-low energy, and a small footprint. It can be designed into systems on chip (SoCs) for wearable activity monitoring, indoor navigation, context-aware sensor fusion, secure local wireless connectivity, face trigger, voice trigger and voice recognition. The Fusion G3 DSP is for multi-purpose embedded applications that need good performance across many different functions. Optional Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) extensions are included to accelerate multiple wireless protocols.

Block Diagram


  • A proven base architecture with lots of flexibility
  • DSP plus control
  • Customizable to meet your requirements
  • Optimized for always-on voice trigger and recognition
  • Fully programmable in C
  • Options for a wide range of IoT applications
  • Ready with a huge library of software

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