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The AMBA Bus SOC Platform is a configurable AMBA Bus platform with several popular peripherals and system functions. It provides a baseline SOC implementation to which designers add the ARM processor, their proprietary hardware, and other third party IP of their choice. This baseline SOC implementation is assembled and ready to go, thus saving SOC designers countless hours to get their SOC to tapeout and running in the lab.


  • AMBA Bus system- AHB Bus(es), APB Bus(es), arbiters, decoders
  • Popular peripherals- RAM controllers, Ethernet, PCI, USB, 1394a, UARTs, PWMs, PIOs
  • Popular system functions- DMA, embedded SRAM, interrupt controller, timers
  • User specifies:
    • AMBA Buses- type and number
    • Peripherals to include- type and number
    • System functions to include- type and number
    • Peripheral and system function connectivity to the AMBA buses
  • Services available to integrate ARM Core, 3rd party IP, and users proprietary hardware
  • User Selectable Components:
  • DRAM Controller
    • SDRAM Controller
    • DDR Controller
    • DDR2 Controller
    • Combined Memory Controller
  • SRAM Controller
    • SRAM Controller
    • Combined Memory Controller
  • Flash Controller
    • Flash Controller- NAND and NOR
    • Combined Memory Controller
  • Compact Flash Controller
  • XD Controller
  • On Chip SRAM
  • DMA Engine- 1 to 8 channels
  • Ethernet
    • Ethernet 10/100
    • Ethernet 10/100/1000
  • PCI
    • 32 bit PCI
    • 64 bit PCI
    • 32 bit PCI and CardBus
    • PCI Express
  • USB
    • USB 1.1 Device
    • USB 2.0 Device
    • USB 2.0 On The Go (OTG)
    • IEEE 1394
      • IEEE1394a
      • IEEE 1394a + OHCI 1.1
      • IEEE 1394b
      • IEEE 1394b + OHCI 1.2
    • Utopia
    • Timers/Counters
      • 32 bit Timer
      • 64 bit Timer
      • Watchdog Timer
      • Free running counter
      • Event counter
      • Other popular configurations
    • Interrupt Controller
    • UARTs
    • SPI
    • PWMs
    • GPIOs
    • Reset Controller


  • RTL Verilog source code
  • Verilog test bench and tests
  • Synthesis script examples
  • Complete detailed documentation
  • Training class notes
  • Design services for customization and/or integration (optional)
  • Hard core- place, route, layout (optional)

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