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Gemini is the industry’ s first and only fully configurable cache-coherent network-on-chip IP. Gemini is designed for SoCs that have cache-coherent clusters of processor cores such as CPUs, GPUs, or DSPs. Gemini provides the same features and benefits as Orion plus the ability to handle cache-coherent, I/O-coherent, and non-coherent traffic in a single NoC.


Based on system requirements such as cache capacity and total coherent bandwidth, Gemini adds critical coherency components, and customizes them before placing them in the interconnect. Gemini uses a distributed architecture and an innovative directory-based design that enables architects to scale both the interconnect fabric and the coherency components up or down independently.

  • Lower latency by placing controllers and caches where they are accessed the most
  • Adjust cache hierarchy to support floorplan requirements
  • Improve die utilization by placing caches in empty die space


Networking, IoT, Custom ASIC, Cloud Computing, Mobile, Digital Home, Storage, Networking, Automotive

Block Diagram


  • Low Power: Support for multiple power domains, voltage domains through industry standard power control interface to support management of power state transitions.
  • Protocol Support: Support for industry standard IP protocols, and custom proprietary protocols.
  • Quality of Service: Robust, configurable end-to-end QoS schemes: Bandwidth allocation, strict non-blocking priority levels, rate limiters.
  • Virtual Channels: Up to 32 virtual network support in the NoC; Virtual channels are allocated to ensure QoS, deadlock avoidance and bandwidth intent satisfaction.
  • Physically Aware: Adapts to floorplan and uses placement information to automate timing closure and thus creates a design that is ready for first-pass timing closure.
  • Highly Configurable: Customize every component of the interconnect from IP interface to routers to topology and interface links using NocStudio.
  • Correct-by-construction: Graph theory based approach and formal techniques to ensure an application level deadlock-free interconnect solution.
  • Multi-layered Security: Sophisticated multi-tiered security and firewall support.

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