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Fraunhofer Symphoria ® is a universal solution for rendering outstanding stereo and 3D surround sound in automotive environments. The intelligent post processing technology virtually opens up the sound image of your sound system, creating a new sense of dimensionality and spaciousness by increasing width, depth and even height of the sound image. In addition to delivering a more natural and realistic sound, automotive entertainment systems powered by Symphoria offer a highly improved perceived audio quality for every passenger in the car. This results in a broad and clearly defined front stage as well as a perfectly balanced surround sound field for each seat. During the first step the individual sound components within the audio signal are separated, with help of a semantic analysis process. Following the separation of the individual sound components, the tunable algorithm of Symphoria intelligently distributes the separated audio objects inside the car.


The Fraunhofer technology Symphoria complements Bang & Olufsen ’s automotive sound system in the new Audi TT and brings first class sound to roads around the world. The new Audi TT released in 2014 is the first production car to be equipped with Symphoria.

Tech Specs

Market SegmentAudio


  • Stable high quality audio from any audio source (radio, mp3, CD etc.)
  • Support of any channel configuration of the input content (stereo, 5.1 surround, 3D audio)
  • Flexibility when designing a sound concept to meet manufacturer needs and branding requirements
  • An extraordinary listening experience for any automotive sound system configuration, independent of loudspeaker type, position or number
  • A reduction in car weight and therefore sound system costs: The application of intelligent audio signal processing allows for a cutback of sound system hardware

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