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Networks are critical in semiconductors, embedded system and distributed architectures. For example, Network on a chip is a concept in which a single silicon chip is used to implement the communication features of large-scale to very large-scale integrated systems. In the case of large-scale designs, SoC, boards or systems can be distributed across the entire body of the vehicle or spacecraft, to reduce the complexity at a single location, eliminate a single point of failure, provide a complex network connectivity to meet performance and provide a well-controlled structure capable of better power, speed and reliability.

For high-end system-on-chip designs, network on a chip is considered the best integrated solution.NoC technology applies networking theory and methods to on-chip communication and brings notable improvements over conventional bus and crossbarinterconnections. Examples for network integration are token ring, CAN/CAN-FD, SPI and Ethernet switch. Inter-networking can be carried out by implementing these in a module.

VisualSim Architect has the important provision fornetwork protocols, router design and interconnects. Here, the major role is that of routers and the delays of physical interconnects. Routing plays an important role in the networking since its efficiency decides the throughput. Using VisualSim, you can construct a virtual path for the packets to be sent from the source to the destination. The results can be seen from the sending of data from one router the other and that also by defining a path.


  • 1553b - 1 Mbps serial communication bus to simulate traffic and controller overhead
  • AFDX - Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet for use in space and air applications
  • CAN/CAN-FD - Support automotive and non-automotive applications with flexible gateway
  • FlexRay - Serial communication link for data communication application
  • Audio-Video Bridging - Audio and video streams over Ethernet-based networks
  • Time-Sensitive Networking - Standard technology for deterministic traffic
  • SPI - Send data between microcontrollers and small peripherals
  • Ethernet- Switched, Gigabit - Support both local and router designs
  • Token Ring - Communication protocol used for embedded and SoC architecture
  • Time-Triggered Ethernet - Fault-tolerant synchronization strategy to synchronize time in Ethernet and support synchronous time-triggered packet switching

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