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All Silicon IP


SureCore's Single Port Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) SRAM IP is silicon-proven on 40ULP BULK CMOS process and provides up to 80% savings in dynamic power consumption and an up to 75% reduction in static power.

The memory operates down to a record-setting 0.6V across process, voltage and temperature delivering an impressive operating voltage range from 0.6V to 1.21V. It provides an unprecedented 20MHz cycle time at 0.6V scaling to over 300MHz at 1.21V, opening new capabilities for cutting edge wearable and Internet of Things applications.

The ULV compiler supports synchronous single port SRAM with operating voltages ranging from 0.6 to 1.21 volts and memory capacities ranging from 8Kbytes to 576Kbytes with maximum word lengths of 72bits.

Product Performance
EverOn meets the challenges posed by dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS). Built using high-density foundry bit cells to reduce area, a single supply rail implementation eases integration.

sureCore's "SMART-Assist" technology allows robust operation down to the retention voltage. Further architectural innovations include subdividing the memory into up to eight banks, which in conjunction with enhanced sleep modes, provide greater system level flexibility. As well as operating in peripheral power off, light and deep sleep modes, each bank can also be independently controlled for active or in light sleep, deep sleep or power off modes. These power saving modes provide greater flexibility to tailor product performance around operational needs and extend battery life.

Tech Specs

Geometry nm40
Maturity silicon proven
Target Process NodeTSMC 40nm ULP


  • More than 80% static power savings
  • More Than 75% Dynamic Power Savings
  • Low voltage operation down to 0.6V
  • Silicon proven

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