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Dedicated low power AI processor family for Deep Learning at the edge. Providing a self-contained, specialized AI processors, scaling in performance for a broad range of end markets including IoT, smartphones, surveillance, automotive, robotics, medical and industrial.

NeuPro builds on CEVA s industry-leading position and experience in deep neural networks for computer vision applications. Dozens of customers are already deploying the CEVA-XM4 and CEVA-XM6 vision platforms along with the CDNN neural network software framework in consumer, surveillance and ADAS products. This new family of dedicated AI processors offers a considerable step-up in performance, ranging from 2 Tera Ops Per Second (TOPS) for the entry-level processor and 12.5 TOPS for the most advanced configuration.


  • Self-contained AI Processor - reduce the high barriers-to-entry into the AI space in terms of both architecture and software
  • Offers a considerable step-up in performance. Ranging from 2 TOPS up to 12.5 TOPS for the most advanced configuration
  • Optimized for scalable power consumption, performance, and area (PPA) requirements


  • Surveillance
  • Automotive
  • Smartphones
  • Smart home
  • AR
  • VR

Block Diagram

Tech Specs

Maturity In Production


  • NeuPro AI processor consists of the NeuPro Engine and the NeuPro VPU
  • NeuPro Engine - Specialized engines for Matrix Multiplication, Fully Connected, Activation and Pooling layers
  • NeuPro VPU - Fully programmable Vector Processor Unit for customer extensions, customization and CDNN firmware
  • Supports both 8bit and 16bit quantization
  • Optimized real-time decision made in order to achieve the best tradeoff between precision vs. performance
  • NeuPro enables Computer Vision loads to work in conjunction with NN loads
  • Accompanied by extensive CV software libraries including CEVA-SLAM SDK and CEVA-CV libraries to accelerate Computer vision, SLAM and 3D point cloud algorithm development, enabling a detailed interface from a CPU to offload the heavy lifting building blocks to the NeuPro VPU. Speeding up development cycle, enabling higher performance and extending device battery life
  • Support up to 4K 8x8 MACs
  • Support all layer types and NN topologies
  • Optimized DDR BW
  • Advanced DMA controller
  • On-the-fly Activation and Pooling pipeline processing
The NeuPro family comprises four AI processors offering different levels of parallel processing:
  • NP500 is the smallest processor, including 512 MAC units and targeting IoT, wearables and cameras
  • NP1000 includes 1024 MAC units and targets mid-range smartphones, ADAS, industrial applications and AR/VR headsets
  • NP2000 includes 2048 MAC units and targets high-end smartphones, surveillance, robots and drones
  • NP4000 includes 4096 MAC units for high-performance edge processing in enterprise surveillance and autonomous driving

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