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Ellipsys-SB is part of the Ellipsys Trust Framework which is Elliptic s solution to help device manufactures and system providers protect their product from tampering, cloning, and other threats. The ESS-04 Ellipsys-SB is a bootstrap loader that can greatly enhance the security of embedded systems by cryptographically verifying (and optionally decrypting) that the code being loaded and executed is authentic and has not been tampered with. The solution includes developer tools to assist with deployment issues such as security updates, code signing and image building. Once a feature of high security applications, the techniques are now being adopted in a broad range of products such as mobile phones, set-top boxes and networking systems such as base stations, routers and other infrastructure devices. There are a number of variants for secure boot based on a blend of hardware cores and embedded software with options available for asymmetric and symmetric cryptographic approaches. Ellipsys-SB can work as a standalone solution, or in tandem with other Ellipsys Trust Framework companions, such as Ellipsys-CA and Ellipsys-VSM.


Fully adaptable to the customers environment - OS, offload engines and security model


  • Enabler for anti-tampering and anti-cloning systems
  • Design IP protection
  • Multi-phase loader cryptographically validates a phase before loading it
  • Highly configurable, flexible and reliable
  • Supports industry standard protocols and algorithms
  • Support for hardware assist to speed boot time
  • Secure access to engineering mode bypasses application loading for lab debugging purposes
  • Run-time checking capability during system operation
  • Tuneable for different product flows and economics
  • Low footprint solution
  • Available under binary or C language source code licenses


ISO C99 (ISO 9899:1999) compliant standard C source code (ANSI C) C/C++ compatible test benches (when appropriate) Documentation

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