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The GSM Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR WB) speech codec is used in the UMTS and CDMA2000 and 3GPP mobile telephony systems. The codec supports wideband speech with a 16kHz sampling frequency resulting in much higher speech quality.


Codecs are Fully Compliant: Bit exact thorough testing against standard and test vectors Codecs are Certified: E.g. codecs went through Dolby, Microsoft certification Robustness - no hanging: Codecs are thoroughly tested including floating inverted bits tests Error resilience: Dependent on standard, codecs fill gaps introduced by transmission errors Codecs developed in-house: Issues that may arise are quickly handled by Virage Logic?s in-house DSP experts Tested using a large suite of bitstreams: From standard holder, in-house generated, live generated, from customers, etc.


Compliant to 3GPP and ITU standard Supports GSM-EFR, GSM AMR WB and G.722.2 Supports CNG (Comfort Noise Generation) Supports Packet Loss Concealment Supports Homing Mode Supports bitrates from 6.60 Kbit/s to 23.85 Kbit/s Supports sampling rate of 16 000 samples/s Low MHz and low power consumption for real-time operation Bit compliant with reference 3GPP TS 26.174 test vectors Supports ITUT, MIME, DEFAULT, and IF2 bit stream formats


Datasheet lists features and characteristics Full C source code for ease of integration and further differentiation Test harness (runs out of box on FPGA or simulator) Run on ARC s XCAM cycle-accurate simulation models Quick and easy performance and I/O measurements Optimize core configuration: cache sizes & configuration, ICCM/DCCM size, busses, etc. Reference Design for multi-codec use cases available Integrated into ARC s Media Software Framework and MQX RTOS Codecs allow multiple instances to be run in parallel Documentation: Datasheet, Release Notes, Getting Started Guide, Reference Document, Code examples All Codecs developed, delivered and supported by Virage Logic staff

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