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EnSilica provide a comprehensive range of encryption and authentication IP for ASIC and FPGA targets with low resource usage and high throughput.

An essential part of any cryptographic solution is a high quality True Random Number Generator (TRNG). Ensilica provide this capability through an all digital AMBA peripheral that generates blocks of 256 random bits. The TRNG is fully compliant to NIST 800-22 and is only supplied as a hard macro in the target technology.

Block Diagram


All feature configuration options to achieve the optimum balance of resource usage with throughput. The Cryptographic IP cores are available stand-alone or as AMBA APB memory mapped peripherals.  The algorithms include:

  • RSA
  • AES
  • SHA for WLAN, WIMAX and IPsec
  • SNOW3G for LTE
  • TDES for compatibility with legacy systems
  • TRNG
  • DES

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