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Gemini is the industry s first and only fully configurable cache-coherent network-on-chip IP. It enables SoC architects to rapidly design, analyze and create efficient, scalable cache-coherent interconnects. Supercharge Your SoC With Cache Coherency : Gemini is designed for SoCs that have cache-coherent clusters of processor cores such as CPUs, GPUs, or DSPs. Gemini provides the same features and benefits as Orion plus the ability to handle cache-coherent, I/O-coherent, and non-coherent traffic in a single NoC.


Based on system requirements such as cache capacity and total coherent bandwidth, Gemini adds critical coherency components, and customizes them before placing them in the interconnect. Gemini uses a distributed architecture and an innovative directory-based design that enables architects to scale both the interconnect fabric and the coherency components up or down independently.

  • Lower latency by placing controllers and caches where they are accessed the most
  • Adjust cache hierarchy to support floorplan requirements
  • Improve die utilization by placing caches in empty die space

Unlimited Configurability, Unique Differentiation

Gemini enables innovative cache coherent designs that squeeze more performance from your designs. It offers far more configurability than other coherency solutions with better performance, power and area.

Customize For Your Application

Gemini offers a sophisticated and resilient method for configuring cache in coherent systems that uses automation and algorithms to ensure that the resulting interconnect is high performance, functionally correct and deadlock-free.

Customize For Your Power Budget

Gemini is efficient in handling power, performance tradeoffs. It packetizes data and performs traffic-based optimizations, optimizing every element in the design and uses advanced low-power techniques to reduce static and dynamic power.

Customize For Your Coherency Demands

Gemini supports all three levels of coherent traffic including cache-coherent, I/O-coherent & non-coherent traffic - in a single on-chip network. Its unique architecture allows it to scale performance to match increasing coherency bandwidth.

Get It Right, Every Single Time

NetSpeed Gemini is constructed to be deadlock free. NetSpeed IP uses graph-theory based approach and formal techniques to ensure that there are no cyclical loops in the entire message dependency chain of the system, thereby ensuring a deadlock-free solution.

  • NocStudio captures the inter-dependencies between various messages and interfaces in the system using a simple specification system.
  • NocStudio then augments it with additional dependency information interpreted from the protocol definition and inferred from system traffic information.
  • The combined dependency specification is used to ensure full deadlock avoidance - both at the network-level and the protocol-level.

Best-in-class Performance.
Lower Latency, Higher Throughput

Geminis underlying hardware elements, including its coherency controller, coherency directory and NoC router are designed for higher throughput and can sustain Terabits per second of on-chip bandwidth and clock frequencies of 2 GHz and above.

Innovative Directory-based Coherency

Gemini brings scalability to multicore and multi-cluster systems. It supports up to 64 fully cache-coherent CPU clusters, GPU blocks and other coherent compute blocks and up 200 I/O coherent and non-coherent agents.

FastPathTM and MultiLayerTM

FastPath provides dedicated connections for latency sensitive traffic to reduce arbitration and congestions issues. MultiLayer isolates traffic with different performance requirements to achieve best-in-class latency.

Special Accelerator for IO Coherency Traffic

Gemini includes special accelerator components for handling ordered coherent traffic. It achieves higher order throughput by performing coherent lookups in parallel while ensuring ordered completion.

Block Diagram


  • Low Power : Support for multiple power domains, voltage domains through industry standard power control interface to support management of power state transitions.
  • Protocol Support : Support for industry standard IP protocols, and custom proprietary protocols.
  • Quality of Service : Robust, configurable end-to-end QoS schemes: Bandwidth allocation, strict non-blocking priority levels, rate limiters.
  • Virtual Channels : Up to 32 virtual network support in the NoC; Virtual channels are allocated to ensure QoS, deadlock avoidance and bandwidth intent satisfaction.
  • Physically Aware : Adapts to floorplan and uses placement information to automate timing closure and thus creates a design that is ready for first-pass timing closure.
  • Highly Configurable : Customize every component of the interconnect from IP interface to routers to topology and interface links using NocStudio.
  • Correct-by-construction : Graph theory based approach and formal techniques to ensure an application level deadlock-free interconnect solution.
  • Multi-layered Security : Sophisticated multi-tiered security and firewall support.

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