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The S3PMPGF18 is silicon proven, customizable integrated power management subsystem which provides a cost-effective single-chip solution for power management. Typical target applications include portable low-power consumer products or any application, with a need to control diverse power domains. This customizable platform incorporates programmable DC-DC converters, and multiple LDO.The DC-DC converters deliver high efficiency across a wide range of operating conditions and can be optimized to support high load transients seen in typical processor cores. The S3PMPGF18 includes a crystal oscillator driver and an internal RC oscillator to generate all clock signals for autonomous system start-up and processor clocking requirements. The start-up behavior and configuration are fully programmable via integrated OTP memory. Hence, the optimized sequencing of power and system clock is provided for multiple domains. Also incorporated is a low power 12-bit ADC which can be used for numerous analog sampling needs, such as temperature or voltage sensing. Robust POR, bandgap reference and bias circuitry are also included. For portable devices, battery life can be maximized due to the highly segmented power control provided. These are accessed via a control interface or alternatively via OTP-configurable GPIOs. This customizable power management platform enables an optimized power control system, which allows for a lower-risk, shorter time-to-market.


  • Portable CE products
    • Smart phones
    • Tablets
    • E-books
    • PMP & MID
    • Gaming devices
    • Personal Navigation Devices
  • In-car infotainment devices
  • Set Top Box
  • Any applications that include multiple microprocessor or FPGA power control


  • Power Management
    • DC-DC converter
      • Up to 95% power conversion
      • Output range 0.68 -3.6V
      • Input range 3.0 -5.5V
      • Load current 100mA -8A
      • Continuous & discontinuous modes
      • Adjustable switching frequencies
      • Over-current protection
      • Compatible with spread spectrum modulation
      • In-rush current limitation
    • LDO
      • Load current 15uA -600mA
      • Output range 0.625V -1.8V
      • Input range 1.6V - 5.5V
  • System Control
    • Fully customizable power & clock sequencing to match system requirements
    • Fully programmable OTP memory for initial/default system configuration
    • Always-on back-up domain to store current system configuration in standby-mode
    • I2C, SPI & JTAG control interfaces
    • Configurable GPIOs
  • Additional Features
    • Power on Reset
    • Internal 32MHz Oscillator
    • Aux-ADC 12-bit for temperature/voltage sensing
    • Low-power RTC
    • 12-bit aux-ADC & temperature sensor
    • Minimal low-power consumption in standby-mode
    • Can be delivered as chip finished design for SiP or hard macro for SoC designs

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