At DAC 2015 D&R delivers a comprehensive Business Process IP Management Platform

Grenoble, France, May. 13, 2015 – 

D&R Enterprise platform (IPMS™) is a next generation browsable IP-SoC intranet management platform which has proven its efficiency for more than 17 years for IP Management in System on Chip (IP for Intellectual Property in Electronic design) addressing the management needs of companies selling or integrating IPs or SoCs in their Electronic products.

The new version demonstrated at DAC 2015 consolidates a global management view emphasizing a top down approach "from End Product to SoC to IP" and provides a configurable Business Process Management Platform for External IPs.

Starting from the previous versions, extended or global views (more than an IP) is emphasized:

For External IP Management in addition to the existing IP centric, bottom up management process, a top down approach is now offered starting on top from the Licensor agreement on one hand and on the other hand from the Licensee End Product information.

Data Entry starts from the licensor agreement entry and embeds all legal and financial features (Fee type, Royalty scheme) extended by the IP list covered by this agreement. It means that IPs are entered "under their agreement".

The top down IP tracing from End Product down to Chip /Soc and ultimately Embedded IPs strengths the power of the renown royalty calculation process of the platform. As a reminder Royalty calculation in IPMS is based on a library of royalty functions implemented in Python scripts. In this version the top down process facilitates the royalty calculation as follows:

Let us mention that this top down approach facilitates the tracing of all payment due, payment Done and payment history per licensor, SoC, End product, etc.

Last but not least D&R recently announced a new corporate management centric feature namely the automated generation of editable tear sheet displaying IP business key data in Sync at any time with the data stored in the platform.

Tear sheet is a one page summary of the most significant data relative to IP licensors, IP in SoC and in shipped End products aiming at giving to financial or business managers of the company the strategic data required for evaluating and orientating the corporate IP policy. These tear sheets can be viewed at a glance online and can also be edited at any time as a sheet forwarded to management.

"D&R IP management platform is an unique IP-SoC management platform that managers of any company using external IP must have... to follow their IP policy, evaluate their cost, predict the future, negotiate with licensors... in other words to manage properly their IPs. In addition it includes, since its origin, a seamless connection to the IP release and delivery thus covering all the spectrum of features required by secure IP management" commented Gabriele Saucier, CEO of D&R.

D&R enterprise platform runs under any OS (Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX, Linux, HP, etc), supports all internet browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) and any type of relational database (Mysql, ORACLE) and uses Java, WebServer (Jakarta-tomcat, WebSphere) and XML technology.

About Design And Reuse

Design & Reuse (D&R) was founded in 1997, the same year it launched its unique and renown IP web portal, www.design-reuse.com. D&R has extended its scope with its new site, www.dr-embedded.com for connecting system designers with vendors of subsystems, platforms, middleware, etc.

D&R delivers a configurable Java based Enterprise IP Management System (IPMS™) offering the most innovative solution for internal and external IP management from design to reuse, to IP tracing in delivery and products, etc. It includes unique powerful procurement features for external IPs (Finance reporting, Fee and Royalty Calculation).

Over the 3 last years this Enterprise Platform has been extended to software license management including corporate centralized license administration, optimization features (Remix primitives) and financial reporting. It incorporates a license monitoring Front End and supports NNU license management.


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