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  sureCore's ultra-low memory technologies enable designers to create the reality of the metaverse - Jun. 27, 2022 ❖

-- Mark Zuckerburg believes so strongly that the future is the metaverse that he changed the name of Facebook to Meta. Suddenly, an old sci-fi word has become the hottest mainstream concept w...  > Read

  IAR Systems enable Visual Studio Code extensions to meet developer demands - Jun. 27, 2022 ❖

Supported by Microsoft, IAR Systems is now providing its embedded expertise and software solutions to the millions of developers using Visual Studio Code worldwide. The launch is in response...  > Read

Foundry and Technology News

  Ansys Multiphysics Solutions Achieve Certification for TSMC's N3E and N4P Process Technologies - Jun. 27, 2022 ❖

Ansys extends collaboration with TSMC to deliver sophisticated power integrity and electromigration signoff solutions for advanced applications -- Ansys and TSMC extended their long-stan...  > Read

  TSMC Japan 3DIC R&D Center Completes Clean Room Construction in AIST Tsukuba Center - Jun. 27, 2022 ❖

-- TSMC (TWSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) today announced that its subsidiary, the TSMC Japan 3DIC R&D Center, has completed construction of its clean room in the Tsukuba Center of the National Ins...  > Read

Embedded Processing

  Flex Logix and CEVA Announce First Working Silicon of a DSP with Embedded FPGA to Allow a Flexible/Changeable ISA - Jun. 27, 2022 ❖

Flex Logix® EFLX embedded FPGA brings reconfigurable computing to CEVA-X2 DSP instruction extension to support demanding and changing workloads – Flex Logix Technologies , Inc...  > Read

  IAR Systems accelerates innovation for solutions based on Arm Cortex-M85 processor - Jun. 13, 2022 ❖

IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm supports the new Arm Cortex-M85 processor, helping developers create powerful embedded development solutions for future IoT, smart home and AI/ML applications ...  > Read

5G - Network - Wireless

  GbE (10/100/1000 Base-T) PHY IP licensed by 3 different customers in Q2 alone for Worldwide Use - Jun. 27, 2022 ❖

27 th June 22. – T2M IP , the global independent semiconductor IP Cores provider & Technology experts, is pleased to announce the licensing of its partner’s GbE (10/100/1...  > Read

  Ansys and TSMC Collaborate to Deliver Multiphysics Design Methodology for Wireless Chips - Jun. 27, 2022 ❖

Ansys platform supports TSMC's N6RF Design Reference Flow to help enable faster and higher performance radio frequency chips for 5G, Wi-Fi, and IoT with TSMC's N6RF process technology -- ...  > Read

SoC Design Platforms and Services

  CFX announces commercial availability of anti-fuse OTP technology on 90nm CIS process - Jun. 23, 2022 ❖

Zhuhai, CHINA— June 23, 2022 — CFX, the one stop shop of embedded flash memory IP and stand alone flash memory IC provider announced today commercial availability of anti-fuse ...  > Read

  Brite Launches High-Precision 16 bit SAR ADC - Jun. 23, 2022 ❖

— Brite Semiconductor (“Brite”), a leading custom ASIC & IP provider, today announced the launch of high-precision 16-bit SAR ADC. The first test chip of this IP bas...  > Read

Business News

  Xiphera receives Business Finland's Young Innovative Company funding - Jun. 23, 2022 ❖

-- Xiphera has been accepted for the Young Innovative Companies funding from Business Finland . The received funding for the first period is € 250,000. Young Innovative Companies (...  > Read

  Synopsys Completes Acquisition of WhiteHat Security - Jun. 23, 2022 ❖

Acquisition Expands Application Security Software-as-a-Service Capabilities -- Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS ) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of WhiteHat Security,...  > Read

  Foundry Output Value Up 8% in 1Q22 - Jun. 22, 2022 ❖

The quarterly foundry output value hit a new high for the 11th consecutive quarter, reaching $31.96 billion, up by 8.2% QoQ. Although demand for consumer electronics remains weak, structural ...  > Read

Security Solutions

  Tortuga Logic Rebrands as Cycuity as It Addresses Evolving Needs in Product Security - Jun. 23, 2022 ❖

SAN JOSE, Calif. — June 23, 2022 — Tortuga Logic has officially changed its name to Cycuity , introducing a brand identity that marks a new phase in the company’s growt...  > Read

  Codasip adds Veridify secure boot to RISC-V processors - Jun. 22, 2022 ❖

Firmware authenticity verification enhances security of embedded systems – Codasip, the leader in customizable RISC-V processor IP and processor design automation, today announced t...  > Read

Artificial Intelligence

  M31 Technology has Developed and Validated the Ultra-Low Power 12nm PCIe 5.0 High-Speed Interface IP - Jun. 22, 2022 ❖

-- M31 Technology (Stock code: 6643), a global IP provider, recently announced that the PCI Express (PCIe) 5.0 specification IP for the 12nm process has been validated and is ready for mass pro...  > Read

  Dolphin Design wins an Embedded Award for Tiny Raptor, its Energy-Efficient Neural Network AI Accelerator - Jun. 21, 2022 ❖

-- Dolphin Design, an advanced chip design company and leader in Edge Computing and AI platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT), receives the Embedded World Award 2022 in the start-up catego...  > Read

RISC-V Ecosystem

  RISC-V International emits more open CPU specs - Jun. 22, 2022 ❖

Embedded World RISC-V International has grown its pile of royalty-free, open specifications, with additional documents covering firmware, hypervisors, and more. RISC-V – pronounced "ris...  > Read

  XtremeEDA to enable IoT security deployment with Crypto Quantique's solution using Codasip's RISC-V processor - Jun. 22, 2022 ❖

Design partners to help customers deploy a complete IoT security solution XtremeEDA is a leading North American design and functional verification services provider to the ASIC, SoC, and FP...  > Read

  CV32E40P Core From OpenHW Group Sets the RISC-V Quality Standard For Open-Source Hardware IP - Jun. 21, 2022 ❖

Quality goals achieved with functional verification through member collaboration in the OpenHW verification working group using leading commercial tools and RVVI methodology Oxford, Unit...  > Read

Automotive - Avionics

  CEVA Extends its RivieraWaves UWB IP to Support CCC's Digital Key 3.0 Standard for Keyless Access to Vehicles - Jun. 22, 2022 ❖

CEVA-RivieraWaves™ UWB platform IP for IEEE 802.15.4z enhanced with an optimized software MAC layer for the Car Connectivity Consortium® Digital Key 3.0, already in design with t...  > Read

  Fraunhofer IPMS develops CANsec Controller IP-Core CAN-SEC - Jun. 20, 2022 ❖

More security in electronic vehicle systems -- Modern vehicles have a large number of electronic systems that are networked with each other. Since these systems are at risk from cyber atta...  > Read

Interconnect, D2D, C2C

  Avery Design Systems PCI Express VIP Enables eTopus SerDes IP and Next-Generation ASIC and Chiplet applications to Achieve... - Jun. 21, 2022 ❖

— Avery Design Systems, a leader in functional verification solutions, today announced it has been chosen by eTopus as its verification IP solution partner for eTopus PCIe Gen 1-6 and...  > Read

  SmartDV Charts Course Toward Chiplets, Joins Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) - Jun. 16, 2022 ❖

Semiconductor IP Provider Seeks Chiplet-Driven Partnerships Among UCIe Members and Beyond –– SmartDV™ Technologies , leading supplier of semiconductor design and veri...  > Read

Internet of Things

  Huawei and Nordic cellular IoT licensing deal takes a big step towards industry-wide component-level licensing - Jun. 20, 2022 ❖

The agreement means that all Nordic nRF91 Series LTE-M and NB-IoT products and therefore Nordic’s customers will be automatically licensed and protected, enabling a more efficient acc...  > Read


  QuickLogic and eTopus Announce Disaggregated, Flexible eFPGA Chiplet Template - Jun. 16, 2022 ❖

Targeting advanced, high-performance applications | Available initially as configurable IP and later as Known Good Die chiplets QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK), a developer of ultra-l...  > Read

FPGA World

  World's first end-to-end integration of ZKP with FPGAs. - Jun. 20, 2022 ❖

-- Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) allows somebody who possesses some information to prove that they possess this information but without revealing anything else whatsoever. It’s an emergi...  > Read

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