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  Vidatronic Unveils OmniPOWER™ Distributed Power Systems Available for Licensing in FinFET Technologies - Sept. 30, 2022 ❖

— Vidatronic, Inc., a leading provider of power management, analog, and security intellectual property (IP) licenses and integrated platform solutions, unveils their next-generation po...  > Read

  S2C Releases Neuro™ - Advanced Prototype Resource Management Software - Sept. 29, 2022 ❖

-- S2C, a world leader in FPGA-based prototyping solutions, today announces Neuro, a software program providing comprehensive management capabilities for enterprise-wide prototyping environm...  > Read

Business News

  Supply Chain Experts Weigh In on CHIPS Act - Sept. 29, 2022 ❖

By Barbara Jorgensen, EETimes (September 27, 2022) Federal legislation is, one source says, “an opportunity to think differently around a common problem.” Chipmakers Intel,...  > Read

  AI "unicorn" Graphcore set to cut jobs - Sept. 29, 2022 ❖

By Peter Clarke, eeNews Analog (September 27, 2022) Artificial intelligence (AI) chip startup Graphcore Ltd. (Bristol, England) is proposing to axe jobs at multiple sites due to the ȁ...  > Read

  Auto and Industrial keep foundry revenue growing - Sept. 28, 2022 ❖

Despite soft markets elsewhere, demand for automotive and industrial equipment is supporting the ongoing growth of foundry output value, says TrendForce, as Q2 sales of the top ten foundries ...  > Read

Artificial Intelligence

  Silicon Catalyst Announces POLYN Technology as Newest Company Admitted to Semiconductor Incubator - Sept. 29, 2022 ❖

Delivering Innovative Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processing - Silicon Catalyst, the world’s only incubator focused exclusively on accelerating semiconductor solutions, announces the...  > Read

  Renesas Expands RZ/V Series with Built-in Vision AI Accelerator for Accurate Image Recognition and Multi-Camera Image Support - Sept. 29, 2022 ❖

-- Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, has expanded its AI-capable RZ/V Series of microprocessors (MPUs), with a new device t...  > Read

Foundry and Technology News

  Intel Foundry's "No. 1" Customer - U.S. DoD - Targets GAA - Sept. 29, 2022 ❖

By Alan Patterson, EETimes (September 29, 2022) The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is Intel Foundry Services’ (IFS’s) “No. 1” customer, IFS president Randhir ...  > Read

  Moving from SoCs to Chiplets Could Help Extend Moore's Law - Sept. 28, 2022 ❖

As Moore's Law is again reaching its limits, several technologies, specifically chiplets, could be the key to extending it for many more years. As Moore's Law is again reaching its limits...  > Read

RISC-V Ecosystem

  SEGGER licenses C++ runtime library to SiFive for code size and performance efficiency - Sept. 29, 2022 ❖

-- SEGGER, a leading supplier of RTOS and software libraries , debug and trace probes , in-system flash programmers , and software development tools , is proud to announce that SiFive, I...  > Read

  SiFive and ProvenRun Collaborate to deliver Best-in-Class Security for RISC-V Microprocessors - Sept. 27, 2022 ❖

– ProvenRun, a global leader in embedded security, today announced the availability of its flagship secure OS / TEE product called ProvenCore, integrated with SiFive® WorldGuard ...  > Read

  ST, CAES team on octacore RISC-V space chip with selectable cores - Sept. 23, 2022 ❖

Space system designer CAES is to design the first eight core fault tolerant chip that is selectable between different architectures, including RISC-V. The radiation hardened GR765 System-...  > Read

Automotive - Avionics

  Automotive IC Marketshare Seen Rising to 10% by 2026 - Sept. 28, 2022 ❖

Automotive IC sales expected to post average annual growth of 13.4%; Communications and Computer segments remain largest applications. -- IC Insights released its 3Q Update to the 2022 McC...  > Read

  Renesas Launches Integrated Development Environment That Enables ECU-Level Automotive Software Development Without Hardware - Sept. 27, 2022 ❖

New Integrated Software Development Environment Supports Multi-Chip ECUs, Reducing Development Time and Post-Design Modifications Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a premier sup...  > Read

Security Solutions

  PUFsecurity's Crypto Coprocessor PUFcc is PSA Certified Level 2 Ready - Sept. 27, 2022 ❖

PUFsecurity Corporation, a subsidiary of eMemory Inc., announced that its Crypto Coprocessor PUFcc had achieved PSA Certified Level 2 Ready. The test was executed by SGS Brightsight, an inde...  > Read

5G - Network - Wireless

  Imec researchers at Ghent University and Nokia Bell Labs work to debut key building block for the deployment of 100G PON n... - Sept. 22, 2022 ❖

LEUVEN, Belgium -- SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 — At this week’s European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), researchers from IDLab (an imec research group at Ghent University a...  > Read

  CEVA Accelerates 5G Infrastructure Rollout with Industry's First Baseband Platform IP for 5G RAN ASICs - Sept. 21, 2022 ❖

- CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA), the leading licensor of wireless connectivity and smart sensing technologies and co-creation solutions, today introduced PentaG-RAN™ , the industryȁ...  > Read

Interconnect, D2D, C2C

  CEO interview: Alphawave IP's Pialis on chiplets and custom silicon - Sept. 21, 2022 ❖

By Peter Clarke, eeNews Analog (September 20, 2022) Alphawave IP, a UK-listed IP licensor, is one of the fastest growing chip companies. eeNews Europe caught up with CEO Tony Pialis to ask...  > Read

  CEO interview: Alphawave IPs Pialis on chiplets and custom silicon - Sept. 20, 2022 ❖

Alphawave IP, a UK-listed IP licensor, is one of the fastest growing chip companies. eeNews Europe caught up with CEO Tony Pialis to ask about the implications of its recent acquisition of O...  > Read

Internet of Things

  Ultra-low power 5G Sub-6GHz RF Transceiver IP Cores at 22nm, available for immediate licensing for Cellular and Industrial... - Sept. 19, 2022 ❖

- T2M IP , the global independent semiconductor IP Cores provider & Technology experts, is pleased to announce the availability of a 5G Sub 6GHz RF Transceiver IP core s in 22nm LP RF C...  > Read

Embedded Processing

  Arm execs: We respect RISC-V but it's not a rival in the datacenter - Sept. 17, 2022 ❖

Arm executives this week tried to play down the threat of RISC-V to the silicon architect's business. Speaking to reporters at a press event, Dermot O'Driscoll, VP of product solution...  > Read

FPGA World

  GOWIN Semiconductor New 22nm High-Performance FPGA family - Arora V - Sept. 26, 2022 ❖

- GOWIN Semiconductor Corporation, the world’s fastest growing FPGA company, announces today the release of its new generation Arora V high performance FPGA family utilizing advanced 2...  > Read

  Functional Safety Certification Packages for Microchip FPGAs Speed Time to Market - Sept. 23, 2022 ❖

SmartFusion ® 2 and IGLOO ® 2 FPGAs now add IEC 61508 certification to their Single Event Upset (SEU) mitigation benefits —Systems used in many high-reliability commercia...  > Read

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