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Artificial Intelligence

  CEA-Leti Paper in Nature Communications Reports First Complete Memristor-Based Bayesian Neural Network Implementation For ... - Dec. 07, 2023 ❖

Breakthrough Classifies Types of Arrhythmia Recordings With Precise Aleatoric and Epistemic Uncertainty – A team comprising CEA-Leti, CEA-List and two CNRS laboratories has publis...  > Read

  What Is Holding Back Neuromorphic Computing? - Dec. 07, 2023 ❖

By Sally Ward-Foxton, EETimes (December 4, 2023) SAN JOSE, Calif. — What is holding back neuromorphic computing, or more specifically, spiking neural networks? Mike Davies, director...  > Read

SoC Design Platforms and Services

  Siemens' new Calibre DesignEnhancer boosts Samsung Foundry design quality and speeds time to market - Dec. 07, 2023 ❖

-- Siemens Digital Industries Software today announces availability of a new process design kit (PDK) from Samsung Foundry that helps mutual customers boost the reliability, quality and robu...  > Read

  Agile Analog partners with sureCore on CryoCMOS Innovate UK project - Dec. 05, 2023 ❖

Enabling control and measurement within the cryostat. -- Agile Analog, the analog IP innovators, is collaborating with sureCore, the ultra-low power embedded memory specialist, to implement...  > Read

Business News

  NovaSparks Expands Its Operations in Asia-Pacific - Dec. 07, 2023 ❖

The Leading FPGA-Powered Market Data Company Welcomes Clément Pelletier to the Position of Sales and Marketing Director for APAC NovaSparks™, the leading field programmable gate...  > Read

  Access Advance Announces Major Additions to its HEVC and VVC Patent Pools - Dec. 07, 2023 ❖

Amazon, Dell and Lenovo PC join the HEVC Advance Pool; Sony joins the VVC Advance Pool – Access Advance today announced that Amazon, a major consumer electronics maker, along with D...  > Read

  UMC Reports Sales for November 2023 - Dec. 06, 2023 ❖

--United Microelectronics Corporation (NYSE: UMC; TWSE: 2303) (“UMC”), today reported unaudited net sales for the month of November 2023. Period 2023 202...  > Read

5G - Network - Wireless

  Bluetooth Channel Sounding: Achieving 10cm Ranging Accuracy - Dec. 07, 2023 ❖

-- Packetcraft is collaborating with Imec , a world-renowned semiconductor R&D and innovation pioneer to enhance Bluetooth ranging and location capability. In a co-authored article relea...  > Read

  Cadence Powers Samsung Foundry's Breakthrough Success on 5G Chip Design - Dec. 04, 2023 ❖

Samsung Foundry achieved a 2X productivity boost that led to faster design closure versus its previous design methodology. Samsung Foundry successfully taped out a 5G networking SoC design ...  > Read

Security Solutions

  Intrinsic ID Launches First Hardware Root-of-Trust Solution to Meet Functional Safety Standards for Automotive Market - Dec. 06, 2023 ❖

– Intrinsic ID , the leading provider of Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) technology field-proven in more than 600 million devices across the globe, today released QuiddiKey® ...  > Read

  Xiphera Announces Support for Extreme-Speed IPsec - Dec. 05, 2023 ❖

Xiphera’s Security Protocols solution family covers all of the most critical communication layers for hardware-based security. -- Xiphera announces an extreme-speed IPsec Intellectu...  > Read

RISC-V Ecosystem

  Renesas Champions the RISC-V Cause With Its Own 32-bit RISC-V CPU - Dec. 06, 2023 ❖

Renesas has announced one of the first independently developed 32-bit RISC-V CPUs. Renesas, long a major player in the industrial MCU and CPU universe, has announced the release of a new CP...  > Read

  Keeping It 100: RISC-V Reality Check - Dec. 05, 2023 ❖

Hype about the RISC-V market has been rising consistently since the first board was released in 2015, but developments over the last 18 months merit closer examination, and we've been dig...  > Read

  Canonical joins the RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE) - Dec. 04, 2023 ❖

-- Canonical is delighted to announce it is now a member of the RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE) to contribute to commercial readiness of open source software for RISC-V. Canonical’s ...  > Read

Foundry and Technology News

  Samsung Electronics Tense Over TSMC-Apple-Amkor 'Arizona Alliance' - Dec. 06, 2023 ❖

Samsung Electronics and TSMC are building semiconductor ecosystems around their foundry plants in the United States, engaging in a fierce battle to secure customer orders. According to indu...  > Read


  QuickLogic Secures New eFPGA IP Contract on UMC's 22nm Process - Nov. 30, 2023 ❖

-- QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK), a leading developer of embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP, ruggedized FPGAs, and Endpoint AI/ML solutions, today announced that it has been selected by a lead...  > Read

Automotive - Avionics

  Logic Fruit Technologies Launches LIN Master Slave IP Core - Nov. 29, 2023 ❖

Logic Fruit Technologies Pvt. Ltd, the leading provider of IPs, Embedded Solutions, and product engineering services today announced the release of LIN Master Slave IP Core. Local Interco...  > Read

  Arteris Celebrates 3rd Year of Automotive ISO 26262 TCL1 Functional Safety Compliance for Magillem SoC Integration Automation - Nov. 28, 2023 ❖

Third consecutive year of ISO 26262 “Fit for Purpose – Tool Confidence Level 1” of Magillem system-on-chip integration automation software products – Arteris, I...  > Read

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