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  Analog Bits Joins the Silicon Catalyst In-Kind Partner Ecosystem - May. 22, 2024 ❖

Silicon Catalyst, an incubator exclusively focused on accelerating semiconductor solutions, announced that Analog Bits, Inc. has joined as a new member of its In-Kind Partner (IKP) ecosystem....  > Read

  Crucial role for imec in EU Chips Act - May. 21, 2024 ❖

NanoIC pilot line set to receive investment of €2.5B LEUVEN (Belgium), MAY 21, 2024 — This week, at its technology forum ITF World 2024, imec, a world-leading research and in...  > Read

Artificial Intelligence

  Siemens simplifies development of AI accelerators for advanced system-on-chip designs with Catapult AI NN - May. 21, 2024 ❖

-- Siemens Digital Industries Software today announced Catapult™ AI NN software for High-Level Synthesis (HLS) of neural network accelerators on Application-Specific Integrated Circui...  > Read

  RaiderChip raises 1 Million Euros in seed capital to market its innovative generative AI accelerator: the GenAI v1. - May. 20, 2024 ❖

The AI-focused hardware design company secures funding from a business angel to further develop acceleration solutions for its clients. Spain -- May 20, 2024 -- RaiderChip, a hardware desi...  > Read

RISC-V Ecosystem

  Andes Technology and Arteris Partner To Accelerate RISC-V SoC Adoption - May. 21, 2024 ❖

– Arteris, Inc. (Nasdaq: AIP), a leading provider of system IP that accelerates system-on-chip (SoC) creation and Andes Technology (TWSE: 6533), a founding and premier member of RISC-...  > Read

  RISC-V Chip Combines CPU, GPU, and NPU Into One Core - May. 15, 2024 ❖

X-Silicon aims to address the current limitations of edge computing with its new low-power "C-GPU" architecture. San Diego-based startup X-Silicon recently announced a novel RISC-...  > Read

  Frontgrade Gaisler Leads the Way in RISC-V Processor Development for Space Applications - May. 14, 2024 ❖

-- Under a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA), Frontgrade Gaisler is designing a new RISC-V processor tailored to meet the requirements of microcontrollers for the space industry....  > Read

5G - Network - Wireless

  Samsung Collaborates With Arm To Drive Research in Software for Next-Generation Communication Technologies - May. 21, 2024 ❖

-- Samsung Research, a leading research and development organization at Samsung Electronics, is collaborating with semiconductor and software design company Arm on the research of parallel p...  > Read

  High-Speed Data Transmission Enhanced by 28nm JESD204B Tx PHY & Controller IP Cores Licensed for MCU Applications - May. 20, 2024 ❖

20 th May 2024. – T2M IP , the global independent semiconductor IP Cores provider & Technology experts, is delighted to announce the instant availability of its partner’s ...  > Read

Automotive - Avionics

  CFX announces commercial availability of low cost automotive grade SonoS based charge trapping EFlash/MTP technology on 90... - May. 20, 2024 ❖

-- Zhuhai Chuangfei Core Technology Co., Ltd. announced today that its latest developed high-reliability automotive-grade SONOS (Silicon-Oxide-Nitride-Oxide-Silicon) EFlash/MTP technology ba...  > Read

  New Automotive Grade Linux Platform Release Adds Cloud-Native Functionality, RISC-V Architecture and Flutter-Based Applica... - May. 15, 2024 ❖

AGL’s latest UCB release advances SDV development and takes a software-first approach with support for AWS Graviton and Toyota Embedded Flutter -- Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), a...  > Read

Foundry and Technology News

  TSMC Reportedly Prepares Next-generation HBM4 Manufacturing, Utilizing 12nm and 5nm Process Nodes - May. 17, 2024 ❖

TSMC reportedly plans to utilize 12nm and 5nm process nodes in manufacturing the latest HBM4 memory, according to a report by AnandTech. Citing TSMC's executives, the world's largest...  > Read

  Samsung tapes out 3nm mobile processor, closing gap with TSMC - May. 08, 2024 ❖

Samsung Electronics has completed the design of its 3-nanometer mobile application processor (AP) and successfully achieved its first tape-out through its foundry division. Tape-out is the fi...  > Read

Business News

  Axiomise Names Two Executives to Newly Formed Technical Advisory Board - May. 16, 2024 ❖

Dr Vidya Chandran Darbari and Colin McKellar Immediately Join Technical Advisory Board as Initial Members Axiomise , a company noted for enabling formal verification adoption, today ann...  > Read

  Solid second-quarter performance - Outlook confirmed - May. 16, 2024 ❖

At €19.2 billion on a comparable basis, revenue was nearly unchanged year-over-year (Q2 2023: €19.4 billion) Orders in Q2 2024 reached €20.5 billion (Q2 2023: €23.6...  > Read

  M31 Q1 Revenue Increases 9.3% YoY, Advanced Processes Drive QoQ Growth - May. 14, 2024 ❖

-- M31 Technology Corporation (M31), a leading global provider of silicon intellectual property (IP), announced at today’s earnings conference call (05/09) that the consolidated reven...  > Read

Security Solutions

  An Introduction to Post-Quantum Cryptography Algorithms - May. 15, 2024 ❖

The rise of quantum computing paints a significant challenge for the cryptography we rely on today. The modern encryption standards we currently use to safeguard sensitive data and communicat...  > Read

  Cybersecurity threat model for embedded devices - May. 15, 2024 ❖

A consortium in the US has developed a model of cybersecurity threats to embedded devices, providing a common understanding of these threats with the security mechanisms required for mitigati...  > Read

Embedded Processing

  Actions Technology's smart watch SoC adopted VeriSilicon's 2.5D GPU IP - May. 15, 2024 ❖

Providing high-performance, high-quality vector graphics processing capabilities for smart wrist-worn devices --VeriSilicon (688521.SH) today announced that Actions Technology (688049.SH), ...  > Read

Audio, Voice, Video

  VESA Elevates PC and Laptop HDR Display Performance with Updated DisplayHDR Specification - May. 09, 2024 ❖

VESA releases DisplayHDR version 1.2; more than 3000 display models certified to DisplayHDR standard to date – The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA ® ) today annou...  > Read

  Sondrel awarded new Video Processor ASIC design and supply contract for a leading provider of High-Performance Video systems - May. 09, 2024 ❖

-- Sondrel (AIM: SND), a leading provider of ultra-complex custom chips for leading global technology brands, is pleased to announce that it has won a major ASIC design and supply contract fo...  > Read

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