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FortiPKA-RISC-V Public key accelerator


Modern asymmetric cryptography algorithms such as RSA or elliptic curve cryptography over prime fields require complex mathematical calculations of large numbers up to 4096 bits. FortiPKA-RISC-V is a public key accelerator that allows offloading all the computationally heavy operations from the main CPU, while offering excellent balance between small footprint and high performance.

One of the key features of FortiPKA-RISC-V is a unique computation technology that eliminates the necessity for data transformations to and from the Montgomery domain, which leads to superior performance compared to alternative solutions. The efficient resource usage is ensured by implementation of cryptographic algorithms in firmware that is executed on an internal miniature RISC-V core. The core instruction set is extended to support custom modular arithmetic for large integers. Hardware configuration options are available to balance area and performance for specific applications. Moreover, FortiPKA-RISC-V supports CPU interfacing through AMBA AXI4, APB, AHB or custom memory-like slave interface.

To ensure smooth integration of FortiPKA-RISC-V to a customer's product, a software library which performs high-level operations, such as encryption, decryption, signing and verifying for a variety of cryptographic algorithms is provided. Supported algorithms include RSA, DH, DSA, ECDH, ECDHE, ECDSA, EdDSA, DH and SM2. Additionally, FortiPKA-RISC-V s technology-agnostic design ensures compatibility across diverse semiconductor technologies.

FortiPKA-RISC-V includes all the necessary countermeasures against modern side-channel and fault injection attacks. The protection level is configurable, allowing to further improve security characteristics at the cost of resource usage or computation speed. To minimize the overhead of protections from physical attacks, countermeasures are employed in hardware, firmware and software when appropriate.

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