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Post Quantum Secure Boot


The TESIC-310 IP is a turnkey solution to provide a secure boot facility to an SoC. It implements the Post Quantum secure Leighton-Micali Signature (LMS) as specified in NIST SP800-208. The TESIC-310 operates as a slave peripheral to an Application Processor. It is a secure enclave that stores the keys assuring their integrity and the integrity of the firmware authentication process. The LMS signature is a robust post-Quantum secure algorithm. The parameters have been chosen to enable up to 32 thousand firmware updates with a minimal signature size of typically less than 5KBytes. The TESIC-310 is pre-certified to SESIP Level 3 and delivered as RTL. It is based on propriety IP free of 3rd party rights and royalties. The TESIC-310 operates as a slave: the Application Processor requests the validation of the firmware as part of its boot process, without having to manage any keys.

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