Bosch invests in Artificial Intelligence

With hundreds of journalists attending, the Bosch Motorpresse Kolloquium, taking place at the company's huge test center, is a major event for the automotive media across Europe. At the event, Bosch tried to provide the

By Christoph Hammerschmidt By Christoph Hammerschmidt , Jul. 05, 2017 – 

By far the largest market for Germany's biggest privately-held company is the business with automotive systems. In this market, enabling vehicles to drive autonomously is one of the most promising activities. Making cars "at least as smart and proactive as human drivers" (Bosch board member Dirk Hoheisl) however is, despite many R&D activities across the industry, not a trivial task and far from being solved. In the effort to make cars as smart as humans (and perhaps smarter), Artificial Intelligence is considered as the philosopher's stone - and that's why Bosch will invest in this technology. Over the next five years, automotive supplier Bosch announced to invest 300 million euros establishing an AI center with locations in India, USA and Germany. AI will help the to categorize and classify the 3D-surround images created by sensors like cameras, radar and probably in the future lidar.

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