Stratix 10 FPGA: REFLEX CES Introduces the Widest Range of Boards Based on Stratix 10 GX and SoC technology from Intel PSG

The XpressGXS10-FH200G board is dedicated to Cloud Computing and Finance markets (Photo: REFLEX CES)

PARIS, Sept. 05, 2017 – REFLEX CES, a leading European-based provider of custom embedded systems and High-End FPGA COTS boards, is releasing to market the widest range of boards based on the latest Intel PSG technology, Stratix 10 GX and SoC.

Following the widest Arria 10 GX and SoC COTS board offering with a total of 5 products in production, REFLEX CES is the first to introduce 3 new Stratix 10 GX (and SoC compatible) boards, between September and end of 2017, for multiple needs and applications. Additional boards will be announced in the coming weeks to expand further REFLEX CES' leading Stratix 10 roadmap.

This board includes the biggest 2800 KLE Stratix 10 density for processing intensive and various data algorithms with its mix of memory capabilities in DDR4 and QDR2+. It has an optical interface capability of 200Gbit via two QSFP28 cages and using PCIe gen3 x16. An additional 200Gbit board-to-board interface is provided using a firefly connection.
The footprint is compatible with SoC FPGA's enabling HPS access via the Ethernet interface on the PCIe bracket side.

This module is aligned to the COM Express standard, using a Basic type form factor with a type 7 interface.
It includes the biggest 2800 KLE Stratix 10 density for processing huge data algorithms with a maximum number of four DDR4 parallel banks with total density of 56GBytes. The type 7 interface provides an extremely high PCIe bandwidth through its 32 lanes GEN3.
The footprint is compatible with SoC FPGA's, and therefore the module can be used as a slave (using GX) or as a host (using the SoC) in High-Performance Computing systems.

This board also includes the biggest 2800 KLE Stratix 10 density for processing intensive data algorithms hungry for memory depth with its 72GBytes of DDR4.
It offers many IOs capabilities with its full High Pin Count(HPC) FMC+ standard connector and the additional board interfaces. The board is PCIe GEN3 x16 capable.
The footprint is compatible with SoC FPGA's, and HPS IOs are usable with a specific daughter board.

In addition, REFLEX CES is a key partner for Custom development benefiting from its extensive COTS board knowledge to reduce technology risk and design cycles.


Recognized for its expertise in high-speed applications, analog and hardened systems, REFLEX CES has become a leading partner with major industrial companies.
REFLEX CES simplifies the adoption of FPGA technology with its leading-edge FPGA-based custom embedded and complex systems. REFLEX CES FPGA network platforms enable better flexibility and ease of programming, offering a faster and most powerful board, and reducing the customers' technology risks and time to market.

For more information, visit https://www.reflexces.com/


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