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Success with IoT requires the right organizational culture

iot.eetimes.com, Mar. 13, 2019 – 

The pace for enterprises to figure out how to leverage the power of the Internet of Things is picking up steam. The promise of increased productivity, greater efficiencies, newly tapped data streams and immediate cost savings via IoT implementations are compelling. And while these benefits are certainly intriguing, actually accomplishing them presents a legitimate challenge for many organizations. The reason for this is an Internet of Things strategy requires not only the incorporation of new technologies, but also a new mindset about business processes and collaboration.

In order for the IoT to firmly entrench itself as a pervasive force in the business world, it is important that enterprises establish a strong internal IoT business culture. Great leaders recognize that it is by embracing change and inspiring innovation, that progress is made. Corporate leadership needs to provide a blueprint where they can communicate the types of ideas they're willing to support and invest in. From a cultural perspective though, they need to encourage and empower all employees to be creative, to take calculated risks and have no fear of failure. This is critical, since successful innovation always requires quick starts, stops and redirects.

Internet of Things initiatives traverse the entire organization

The Internet of Things is synonymous with digital transformation. Organizations are coming to the conclusion very rapidly that simply ushering in new technology is not enough. They are recognizing that to fast track successful IoT implementations there has to be a methodology for blending the technical skills of the IT team with the business acumen of the operational team (OT). This mindset must be imbued at the executive level in order for collaboration to succeed. Even at the most rudimentary implementation levels there are many elements, both technical and non-technical, that must be fused together in order for an IoT initiative to succeed. Creation of a shared language that both IT pros and OT stakeholders can understand is key in streamlining communications and fostering collaboration.

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