Tamba is a leading intellectual property silicon core developer, founded in 2003, and based in Northern California, USA. Founders and employees have previously worked at top networking and FPGA companies: Cisco, Juniper, Xilinx and Altera, and are focused on building size and latency efficient IP for standard communications interfaces. Main focus is Ethernet and Interlaken Protocols which were originally developed for the financial industry where low latency is crucial. In addition to the benefits of low latency and size, the IP is extremely flexible and can be tuned and configured to the target process or application. Low gate count and large timing margins make FPGA designs much easier to implement at the lowest silicon cost (least gates & slowest speed grade). With ASIC?s, in addition to the low latency, multiple instantiations for example in a switch can save significant die size as well as power. Lastly the channelized flex MAC is a unique advantage only Tamba has, where the same core can be reconfigured on the fly from a 1x400G to 4x100G or 8x50G etc.    
2 Solutions

Highly configurable Interlaken ILA & ILK
Tamba Networks offers a highly configurable Interlaken ILA and ILK core. The core is compliant with the Interlaken and Interlaken look-aside specifications, and targets FPGA and ASIC operation. The S...

Universal Ethernet MAC
The Universal Ethernet MAC/PCS offers industry s lowest latency, power, and size.


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