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13 "ADAS" IP

24 Ghz / 77 Ghz Automotive Radar Transceivers IP
Driver assistance systems use radar sensors in various counts and configurations. The data provided by the radar sensors is used in applications such as blind-spot detection, autonomous emergency brak...

ARTIEYE Driver Monitoring System (DMS) Technology Suite

Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) reduce the number of car accidents related to driver drowsiness and distraction, and make roads safer for everyone. DMS systems use an in-cabin video camera to obser...

Driver Drowsiness Detector
The logiDROWSINE is a computer vision IP core that detects driver drowsiness and distraction based on facial movements monitored through a camera placed in a vehicle cabin. The IP core monitors moveme...

Lane Marking Detector
The logiLMD Lane Marking Detection IP core from Xylon s logicBRICKS IP core library is designed to detect the lane markings on the roadway video scenarios captured from a rear-view camera, and to raise an alert in case the host s vehicle departs from the lane. Its functions include image-processing filters, like Gaussian smoothing and Edge detection, and blocks specifically tailored for lane marking detections.

Multi-Channel Video Recording ADAS Kit
The logiRECORDER Multi-Channel Video Recording Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) Kit builds on the Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC based Xylon logiADAK Automotive Driver Assistance kit by includ...

Objects Detector
The logiHOG is an HOG/SVM-based object detection logicBRICKS IP core for detection of multiple objects in vision-based embedded applications. It is a direct successor of the logiPDET Pedestrian Detector IP core.

Stepper Motors Controller
The logiSTEP is a stepper motor controller IP from Xylon IP library logicBRICKS. It enables a simultaneous control of 1 to 16 two-phase stepper motors and supports different control methods: full-step, half-step and microstepping.

Vehicle Detector
The logiVDET is a learning-based vehicle detection IP core, developed for vision-based embedded applications. The algorithm follows a discriminative approach based on a cascaded classifier using Local...

Advanced Driver Assistance System Platform
SPHE6702 is an enhanced computing power platform of Sunplus ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) SOC family. Featuring four high performance Cortex-A55 processors. In conjunction with a powerful 3...

TES 3D Surround View - TSV
TES 3D Surround View (TSV) is the latest technology of driver assistance systems with vehicle cameras.

ADAS Signal Processing

VSORA s algorithm agnostic architecture makes it easy to implement the algorithms using high-level (Matlab-like) language.

PathPartner Driver Monitoring System on NXP IMX8x Processor
The main aim of PathPartner Driver Monitoring System is to provide a low cost ready to use solution for a range of in-cabin driver status monitoring application and help the driver remain alert and active.

Pathpartner Drowsiness Detection
The Drowsiness Detection algorithm employs vision based driver fatigue detection methods. It is a natural, non-intrusive and convenient technique to monitor driver’s vigilance.


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