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3 "Multi-Processor" Solutions

Arm Cortex-A5 - Smallest, Lowest Power Arm Multicore Applications Processor
The Arm® cortex® A5 processor is the smallest, lowest power Arm multicore processor capable of delivering the internet to the widest possible range of devices

64-bit Multiprocessor with Level-2 Cache-Coherence
AndesCore™ AX45MP 64-bit multicore CPU IP is an 8-stage superscalar processor based on AndeStar™ V5 architecture. It supports RISC-V standard “G (IMAC-FD)” extensions, “C” 16-bit compression instructi...

TeraSCALE - Scalable Cache Coherency Interconnect IP
Scalable cache coherency solution:
  • up to 1024 fully coherent cores.
  • optimized protocol with false sharing prevention.
  • configurable for heterogeneous multi-cores with distr...


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