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7 "Wireless Subsystem" IP

CCSDS SCCC Turbo Encoder and Decoder
The recommended CCSDS 131.2-B-1 standard introduces a Serial Concatenated Convolutional Code (SCCC).

DVB-GSE Encapsulator and Decapsulator
The DVB-GSE encapsulator and decapsulator IP cores close the gap between network protocols like Ethernet and the physical layer of the DVB family of standards.

IEEE 802.15.4
Power and area-optimized IEEE 802.15.4 physical and medium access control layers IP. Designed to bring secure wireless connectivity to various ultra-low-power and battery free connected IoT devices us...

Radio IP Platform
ShortLink offers a number of RF transceiver IPs that have been successfully used in many ASIC projects

Smart Grid PLC Baseband Processor
The ntG3_BBP is a fully compliant ITU-T G.9903 baseband modem that can be used in a wide range of smart grid applications over power lines

Spectrum Sensing Core - Cognitive Radio
The spectrum sensing core blindly detects occupied sub-carriers within a wideband spectrum.The algorithm implemented in this core uses a patented algorithm (US 8,630,377 B2). The efficient real time implementation makes this core an idel candidate to be used in cognitive radios.

IEEE 802.15.4 - MAC and PHY
Mindtree IEEE 802.15.4 MAC and PHY semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) is based on IEEE 802.15.4 specification.


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