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A worldwide connected Event !!

IP-SoC 2020 will be the 23th edition of the working conference fully dedicated to IP (Silicon Intellectual Property) and IP based electronic systems. The event is the annual opportunity for IP providers and IP consumers to share information about technology trends, innovative IP SoC products, Breaking IP/SoC News, Market evolution and more.

Originally hosted in Europe, it will be a virtual event based on D&R experience in organizing such virtual events around the world. Selected speakers will be invited to post their slides and a recorded presentation posted on Youtube.

It will be 2 days Event organized as follows :

Starting December 8th, upon registration, you will be able to listen to the talks at your convenience during and after the event.

On December 9th, you will be able to access a Series of live Q/A panels organized around hot topics and allowing you to get answers to your questions from the speakers and recognized gurus in the field.

  • EMEA panels will be planned at European convenient time CET (Central European Time) and possibly address specific EMEA topics.
  • Silicon Valley panels will be planned at PST (Pacific Standard Time) possibly covering the same or different topics than the EMEA panels.

Open on December 8th 2020

Welcome to IP- SoC 20
  • Virtual or Physical events: What is the most efficient? Towards a hybrid Solution , Design and Reuse
  • Live on the Edge with FDSOI, Soitec
  • Leveraging FDSOI Technology for MIPI Applications, Mixel, Inc.
Memory Generator
  • Reliable and Flexible OTP/PUF Solutions for IoT/AIoT and Security Applications, eMemory Technology Inc.
Interface IP
  • PCIe IP using IEEE UVM Virtual Methods and Parameterization, Silicon Interfaces
  • What's in the new MIPI I3C V1.1 Standard? And what is coming?, Silvaco, Inc.
  • USB4: A Complex Standard that Simplifies the User Experience, Synopsys, Inc.
  • RISC-V processor IP product line, CloudBEAR
  • From LEON to NOEL-V processor, Cobham Gaisler
Artificial Intelligence
  • Techniques for Faster, Lower Power AI Algorithm Execution with Foundation IP, Synopsys, Inc.
  • AI: Scale from Edge to Server with RISC-V and Linux, Andes Technology Corp.
  • Using PLLs to simplify DVFS power management in AI and multiprocessor designs , Perceptia Devices Inc.
Cloud and Data Center
  • Differentiated Clocking, Sensor and  Interconnect IP’s (5nm and below) for AI/Data Center SOC’s, Analog Bits Inc.
  • ’Every Cloud has a Silver Lining’... Optimizing HPC Devices with Embedded Sensing Fabrics, Moortec Semiconductor Limited
  • Defending the Cloud: Data Protection for High-Performance Computing, Synopsys, Inc.
  • High speed data converters for 5G and Lidar, Omni Design Technologies, Inc.
  • Accelerating Automotive FuSa SoC Design and Certification for ADAS, Synopsys, Inc.
  • Mileage Enhancement by Utilizing Wasted Current in Electric Vehicle and e-bike Conversion Systems, CurrentRF
Design and verification
  • Modeling Approach of Analog Blocks for Digital Centric Mixed Signal Verification, eInfochips, Inc.
  • Trusted Variations-aware design solution at advanced nodes!, Silvaco, Inc.
  • Measurable defects detected using Concurrent & Distributed SFF Fault Simulation of PRBS, Silicon Interfaces
And more to come...

December 9th : Panels on EMEA and USA time

  • FDSOI the proven low power technology for which applications?
  • IP SoC for automotive
  • IP Soc for AI

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